Watch How I Met Your Mother to see more online – Is that legal

to see another website that lures with the offering, the latest top series online for free and, above all, is large for more than a year in Conversation: The Portal Watch Series offers How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and other free stream instantly and in complete seasons. But Watch Series actually legal?

Watch How I Met Your Mother to see more online - Is that legal

Let's face it: to see the hottest TV series in full, without commercial breaks and when entire season online The offer is already very tempting. But are the pages Watch Series Watch Series 7 and as not really be called legally and makes ye punishable if you look series there?

Watch Series: watch online series &# 8211; Is this legal?

The offer is immense. Yet for all the love, that's because even allowed? Of course not, because the series offered are copyright violations on a large scale. The operators of portals hidden in countries where the operation of illegal websites is not punished and are aimed at the growing German audience that wants to see quickly and easily online TV series.

watch seriesWatch Series: Serious looks different because it is the legality usually not far away

yes there is enough alone to look at the home page that starts videos in several advertising boxes that you can not stop or close and also the security of your computer, it is not far away when you land with a wrong click in an annoying subscription trap.

Legally, the offering of the series is anything but a Kavalliersdelikt. For the reproduction and making available of copyrighted series is already illegal (§ 19a Copyright Act) and is responsible for more than the author himself (§ 15 German Copyright Act).

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Watch Series: When I am with a crime?

Yeah, well, then the owner of the site are just criminals, but what bothers me? After all, there are the right to private copying (§ 53 German Copyright Act), with whom I law in the &# 8220; Gray Zone&# 8221; swim.174647Pirates - Respect Copyrights - GIGA

What you may have snapped it in relevant forums or elsewhere, is not always right and is one of the more Spread of dangerous smattering of knowledge assigned. The right to private copying is a fine thing that allows the user (ie the authors or their representatives) to download content such as videos, photos or music from legally provided pages and store on its own without the right to commercial reproduction.

In the case of Watch Series and other illegal streaming portals but this is clearly not the case. For here the sentence 1 applies exactly:

&# 8230; is the extent not used for reproduction of an original manifestly unlawful manufactured or made publicly available.

While in the case of series streaming so far issued no ruling in Germany, but legally Watch Series is not and you'd better leave it alone because Abmahnanwälte just waiting for a chance to make money on this source.

Better to test alternatives:

  • Sky Go now test *

Side Fact: Watch Series have quite boldly stolen the logo of Scorpio Arte&# 8230;


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