iCleaner: Cleans iOS 7 and makes free memory

Spring starts was only on March 20, but it is not too early for a spring cleaning: The free Cydia app iCleaner can iPhone, clean and iPod touch of unnecessary files, thus creating plenty of space on the iOS device. Also iCleaner promises by cleaning a small increase in performance.

iCleaner: Cleans iOS 7 and makes free memory [Cydia]

iCleaner is a very comprehensive yet concise app for gejailbreakten iOS devices. You can independently iOS 7 for unnecessary files, extensions, and remnants, such as cache and log files, and delete these files. Also, unnecessary language packs can be removed (from African and Zulu) &# 8211; and it is a lot of place in iOS.

So you can quickly and easily free vacate several gigabytes of space on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In my case iCleaner put around 1.4 gigabytes of unnecessary files. This will also backup smaller and faster.

iCleaner clears &# 8220; Other files&# 8221;

finished cleaning - iCleaneriCleaner &# 8211; purge completed

delete system files, even if there are only log files, can cause problems under certain circumstances, especially when you yourself shall lay his hands on the settings. Therefore iCleaner also offers a test mode. In this mode, files that are found during the analysis, not deleted but saved. The iOS device will then act in such a way as if the files are deleted. Should but then problems occur iCleaner can restore the backed up files. Runs as expected all problems, the test mode can be deactivated and the cleaning are performed correctly.

In addition, can be precisely defined, deleted file types and what functions &# 8220; cleaned&# 8221; to be.


The standard cleaning process goes as follows:

  • safari: Cookies, browsing history and cache are cleared
  • applications: Deletes unneeded files from App Store Apps, cookies, temporary files. The cleaning process has been specially adapted for especially popular apps like Facebook. Log-in data, useful cookies and other relevant application data are not removed.
  • Log FilesClears saved error reports of iOS or apps. These files are for the user irrelevant and can be safely deleted, but usually take a lot of space.
    As part of the activation process of an iOS device can be known to indicate whether error reports to Apple to be sent. These error reports are meant here and are stored on the iOS device.
  • Cache files: Apps such as Facebook Save between photos and status messages to see it after the first time you load quicker in the future. But it makes no sense to keep cache files (status messages) that already have a few weeks under his belt. After each app restart the respective app thus creates a new cache with the latest data.
  • Temporary dataIOS Apps and often create temporary files (for example, in the course of downloads or updates, etc.) were supposed to be automatically deleted by the system when they are no longer needed. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, such as when an app is poorly written or the update process terminates for any reason. iCleaner deletes these files. If needed, the respective app created this easy again.
  • Cydia: Even Cydia is released from contaminated sites. Meant here log and cache files. Especially the latter can occupy much space &# 8211; keyword &# 8220; Reloading Data&# 8221 ;.
  • Cydia sourcesThis feature must be activated manually and delete all sources in Cydia up to the standard sources. This is useful if certain sources were installed incorrectly and cause trouble tickets.
  • unused dependencies: Also this feature has to be activated manually. Often remain on the device remnants of uninstalled Cydia packages. These are hereby removed.
  • File Type cleanup: The following file types are predefined: log, logs, tmp and temp. Here you can manually enter additional file types to remove. One should, however, make any changes here.

Besides iCleaner there with iCleaner Pro also also free version with more features. but the free iCleaner is more than adequate.

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iCleaner Download:

  • iCleaner is found in the standard source BigBoss
  • For iCleaner Pro must the source http://exile90software.com/cydia/ to be added
  • iCleaner requires at least iOS 4 ahead, but, of course, compatible with IOS 7
  • For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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