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The online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV Online (also known as FF14) verschlägt you to the world Hydealy, more to the continent Aldenard and the surrounding islands it. 10 years ago the first Primae was seen as the wild tribes began to summon these horrible creatures up to their power to use and intimidate the numerous neighboring city-states.

But at the same time have yet arrived more events in the world of Final Fantasy XIV Online, that would change the history of the game world. The technologically and militarily leading Garleische Empire began to expand his power by force and subjugate the neighboring states of its hegemony.

While the world on the one hand sank into the war and the wilden Völker up another danger conjured a mysterious power was released, which touched many adventures and endows with previously unknown skills.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is expected in the course of 2010 and will appear next to the PC for the PS3. is announced unless a demo or published, it will be available at Funload here. A taste for the game give yourself the registered below screenshots. Registration for the open beta phase of the online role-playing game is already switched so that her with a little luck, soon can throw 14 a look at Final Fantasy.

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