Pokémon Stars: New note on the official website / Possible Switch release?

Is an announcement of Pokémon Stars imminent? an indication has surfaced again, the points to a publication of the ominous remake of Pokémon Sun and Moon for Nintendo switch. This time a small change made on the official Pokémon website fans aback.

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The release of the new Pokémon editions Sun and Moon is just about half a year back and the evidence of implementation for hybrid console Nintendo Switch piling up. As the site Game Rant reported fans a small but subtle change within the official Pokémon website is now noticed that indicates again the traded Pokémon as a Stars game. If you give namely the URL "pokemon.com/hoshi" into the address bar of your browser, you'll be redirected to the default home page of Pokémon.

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What's special about it? Well, the word "hoshi" means "star" in Japanese - a corresponding relay device on the official Pokémon site could therefore again clearly represent a further indication of the ominous Pokémon Stars. As Game Rant notes, not lead otherwise modified URLs like "pokemon.com/pikachu" or even "pokemon.com/sun" on the same page, but will lead to the error message "Page not found!" - the operator has the term " so hoshi "definitely considered. But when could an official announcement of the switch-game by Nintendo done?

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While a revelation during the upcoming E3 2017 seems obvious to the announcement of Pokémon Stars could actually take place even earlier. For years, Nintendo announces his Pokémon games namely in May on, so does not rely on large exhibitions like E3. And since May, as slowly approaches its center, it will slow the effect exciting.


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