Setting “Smart Lock” in Android

Who wants to hedge its Android smartphone can access 5.0 Lollipop on the smart lock feature for Android. Here you can unlock a smartphone or a tablet over a NFC tag or using a smart watch. Find out here how to enable "Smart Lock" and set up.

Is "Smart Lock" is set, the Android device can thus be automatically unlocked. The manual input of a PINS or pattern is eliminated. Unlocking is performed once a certain place with an NFC tag or a connected Bluetooth device in the vicinity. In parallel the familiar unlock methods can of course still be used.

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"Smart Lock" for Android "Places" and "Devices"

Proceed as follows to enable "Smart Lock":

  1. Controls the settings app on Android.
  2. Selects the options for the "security" or "Advertisement".
  3. a screen lock is already set, the "Smart Lock" option found under "lock screen".
  4. A currently equipped PIN, or pattern must be entered.
  5. Now you can select the type of -recognition "Smart Lock". So you decide between a "trusted device" or a "trusted site".

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If you have chosen the first option, you can now connect a device via Bluetooth or NFC with the smartphone. For this purpose, all available nearby devices are searched. The desired device, or about your watch or a Bluetooth headset can then manually select -berechtigtes as "Smart Lock" device. In this way, you can also remove devices for the unlock method again. Once the chosen accessory is connected to the smartphone, the Android device can be unlocked without the need for entering a PIN or a lock pattern is necessary. If both devices are not connected, your smartphone or tablet accesses the previously configured lock.


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 Enable "Smart Lock" in Android

Next to a device, a "trusted site" for the smart lock feature can be set up. Here, the device stored in "Google Maps" location for "home" or "work" served. Alternatively, you can deactivate these places or select an additional location where the smartphone can be automatically unlocked. To use this feature, GPS must be running on Android device.

As a third alternative, you can also set up a voice or face recognition. but both options do not work as reliable as the ways described above. At the same time, one should note that a smartphone via Bluetooth to a device also can be connected at distances of about 100 meters. The "Smart Lock" function can therefore still be active when the phone is no longer in the immediate vicinity. The feature increases thus the user experience, but who wants to have a higher level of security, should have recourse to the pattern or PIN to unlock.

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