Windows 7: Backup with available materials – how it works

For Windows 7 a comfortable backup function is built in. no in-depth computer skills are required for data backup, the Microsoft operating system offers options for regular automatic or manual single backups. In some cases, the backup operation takes even then only for a few seconds.

Windows 7: Backup with available materials - how it's

Especially after a system crash, software conflicts and especially after a virus attack, the uploading a backup of the old data offers. And even if the hard drive should even give up the ghost, you're always glad to have saved the data, for example, on an external drive.

call the built-in Windows 7 backup function and use

The function for backup creation on Windows 7 reaches its directly from the Start menu (1). Give there "to back up" (2) a and selects programs "Save and recover" (3). Selected in the new window "Set up backup". After a short setup time do you choose on which location to back up Windows is to be stored. 7 Here you can select from all existing destinations. So the backup can be burned directly onto a DVD, moved to external drives or additional partitions the active hard drive is stored.

windows-7 backup create

After confirming with "Continue" you can decide yourself if you want Windows to remove you the choice of data or want to determine 7 Backup backed up data in Windows their own. In the first case important folders such as "AppData" desktop content, "Download", games and searches are saved. Have you also selected as the top destination for the Windows 7 backup an NTFS system, a Windows image, including programs, drivers and registry entries will create.

restore data from a backup in Windows

In the manual selection you can all folders and files to be backed up from the Windows 7 backup, select independently. In addition, her determined to "schedule change", at what rate and at what time the backup through Windows is to be performed. 7 Confirmed the entries with "OK" and start the now visible windows change their settings made and for data backup in Windows 7. Do you want. As the set a new timetable for the Windows 7 backup, you can this of course in the window "Back up or restore the My Documents" make. Here you can also open a previously created backup using the "Recover My Files" reingest.

windows-7-backup schedule

At this point, individual folders for recovery from the Windows Backup, as well as their destination can be selected. By selecting "Restore" starts the backup process. Secured data are restored, and problems with the system in this way, if necessary corrected.

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