Setting the screen – how it works properly

If you have a new monitor, you should first properly adjust the screen. We show how you vornehmt the basic settings.

A screen can you adjust once over the Windows settings and even its own menu on the monitor. You should do both.

Setting the screen (on Windows)

Here you sets the correct resolution in Windows. 7Here you sets the correct resolution in Windows. 7
  1. Each screen has a so-called native resolution. At this resolution, the image is sharpest. Read in the associated monitor manual to determine which is the, or search the Internet for it. After that you can customize them:
    • Windows 10: Change the resolution and adjust
    • Change screen resolution on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac
  2. The color depth should be set to 32-bit. The default is usually correct. The maximum color depth depends on the monitor, graphics card and operating system. Your opens it in Windows 7 via the advanced settings in the window for the screen resolution (see screenshot above). Then you click on the tab monitor.

    Here you adjusts the color depth. 32-bit are standard.Here you adjusts the color depth. 32-bit are standard.

  3. Unless willed, you can also change the refresh rate in this window. 60 Hertz for example, are quite ideal for flat screens. If your screen longer supported, also good.
  4. In Windows 10 you change the color depth so: Right click on Desktop, display settings, scroll down and click on the logo Display Adapter features click on the tab monitor.

The most important basic settings are configured with it.

Tip: Calibrated now the screen so that colors look on the screen as they look printed.

Setting the screen (the monitor itself)

If your monitor is connected via DVI or HDMI cable, you have to barely make settings on the monitor's menu. Uses her other hand, the old connection VGA, you have the screen content properly on the monitor surface "pull" or "stretch".

  • Monitor Connections: Overview (DVI, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, etc.)

This is a menu on the hardware buttons that are located on the monitor itself:

  1. Examined on the monitor to the buttons on the side or below the screen.
  2. If you press the Menu button also appears this either in the middle or at the edge of the screen.
About the Monitor menu their color, image position, contrast, sharpness and more can adjust.About the Monitor menu their color, image position, contrast, sharpness and more can adjust.

Submenus can set the following to her:

  • Brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma value
  • Color settings (Red, Green, Blue) to compensate for any color casts.
  • image position & Power settings (monitor shutdown, etc.)
  • Audio settings if your monitor also has integrated speakers.


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