Samsung Galaxy S8 shamelessly copied: So the Nokia 9 will look

The cover picture shows the Galaxy S8 and the soon to be released Nokia 9. What, it's just a smartphone to see? I agree. As leaked imagery suggests the similarities of both models are so striking that even experts need to look twice.

Samsung Galaxy S8 shamelessly copied: So the Nokia 9 will look

Better well copies as bad invented, right? True to this - though not unstrittigem - motto HMD Global, rights holders of the brand "Nokia" tried on a rimless design in the style of the new Samsung flagship. Meanwhile, the South Koreans finally offer virtually any size to a model that does virtually no edge. Goes so far HMD Global Although not (yet), but the Nokia 9 aims doubt on a broader clientele from.

Nokia 9 spotted borderless display à la Galaxy S8

Because reportedly the OLED display of the Nokia 9 is diagonally measured 5.5 inches - a truly mass-market size, especially as likely to be comparatively easy to handle the case if the rimless designs. To drive the likelihood of confusion on the top, HMD Global bends even the longitudinal edges as the Samsung model. Likewise, the back is taken into glass, presumably to enable Wireless Charging - a feature that seems obligatory at least since the new-generation iPhone.
About the decision abzukupfern the design of the Galaxy S8, can of course argue ugly but the Nokia 9 is thus certainly not. But it also has more to offer than just a pretty face? The current rumors going in the direction of the usual high-end specifications: The processor probably comes from Qualcomm, it should be the Snapdragon 835, which fired in 2017 almost all the top smartphones, while the memory of 6 or 8 GB also anyone from stool should cut down. The internal memory will hold 128 GB; if illustrating the basic version, which would be a laudable step by Global HMD.

The image is said to show a display element of the Nokia 9th

The camera manufacturer relies on the cooperation with Carl Zeiss to populate its dual camera. We are talking about both 13 MP. Finally, the housing should also water to IP68 standard and dust resistant. In terms of safety features is evidently a fingerprint sensor beneath the rear camera on board, front side could be a iris scanner are used &# 8211; though copy the Galaxy S8, then right.

What does the Nokia 9 anyway?

In principle, the Nokia 9 sounds promising. Simply: Who will grab for kolportierte 749 euros for lesser-known Nokia smartphone when there already is the original from Samsung for less money?

There is also the question of where HMD Global relates the curved display panel. That Samsung's own high-end panel sold to a relatively small third party, is at least questionable, especially given the global shortage of OLED panels - again fueled by the iPhone X whose display incidentally comes from Samsung.

Source: entry on Baidu via Nokia Power User


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