1864: Train at ARTE Stream and TV viewed online – Start Today

Who wants to see apart from Cobra 11 and the rest of TV program something exciting, should turn on the evening at ARTE today. There you can the eight-Danish TV series 1864 follow the stream and TV.

1864: Train at ARTE Stream and TV viewed online - Start Today

It starts with the series at 20:15. If you have no TV, yet do not want to do without the drama series, you can watch 1864 Magine the stream on ARTE *.

ARTE online see with Magine*

After a free registration you get the ARTE stream on the PC screen, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

see series for Arte today in the stream and TV online: 1864

"1864 - love and betrayal in times of war," the full name of the TV production shows in eight episodes, the defeat of Denmark in the German-Danish War of 1864. For the director and the script Ole Bornedal is responsible. The 2014 series produced devoured 173 million Danish kroner (23 million euros), making it the most expensive TV production from Denmark.

The focus of the action Peter and Laust the brothers stand in the middle of the 19th century. The siblings growing up in poverty. Both take as to Inge, sparked a competition for the rich lady. At the same time the Adelssohn Didrich keeps an eye on Inge. To top it all breaks from the mentioned German-Danish war for the parties around.


1864 Stream and TV

Both boys join the military and be confronted with the horrors of war. There also sparks a conflict between the brothers. The dramatic, fictional love story is embedded in the historical narrative. At the same time, some personalities of that time make an appearance in the TV series, including the Danish Prime Minister Monrad, Queen Victoria, Bismarck and the Prussian König Wilhelm.

ARTE online see with Magine*

1864 you can in the stream and TV tonight from 20:15 on. Today and in the coming week three episodes from 1864 are shown before the series final with the final two episodes will be broadcast on ARTE on 25 June. you're doing online with Magine *.

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