Microsoft HoloLens: Release Date and Price – What will it cost the glasses and when will it be to have?

End of January 2015, Microsoft has made with the idea of ​​HoloLens a bang. But when will we really can buy the AR glasses &# 8211; and at what price?

Microsoft HoloLens: Release Date and Price - What will it cost the glasses and when will it be to have?

Microsoft HoloLens: Release Date &# 8211; When will you can buy the AR glasses?

Both in terms of price as well as a possible release date, Microsoft still holds quite covered. After all, the US company announced that a finished HoloLens to be releaset at a similar time as Windows 10th

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  • Windows 10 will indeed be the end of July already for all owners of a PC with Windows 7 and 8 as an upgrade available for free, other versions, especially Windows Phone 10 but appear later.
  • The HoloLens will not come in the next month on the market, but Microsoft has given up too little information so far.
  • At E3 2015 you could get a sense of the AR glasses, after all: a player used the HoloLens to virtually play Minecraft on an empty table.
  • On a possible release, however, Microsoft said nothing further.

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We at GIGA, however, are good things, the AR glasses since they made but a very finished impression and can easily imagine that it will be so far in late 2015 or early 2016th 

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Microsoft HoloLens: Price &# 8211; What will it cost the glasses?


The Oculus Rift will probably cost between 400 and 500 US dollars. Even HTC's and Valves Vive is probably in this area may be slightly higher, settled. Detailing the manufacturers hold back. The price they want to charge for the new VR and AR glasses and can not yet be accurately estimated, up to date, however. We hope to below 400 euros for a HoloLens on the European market, but we can also imagine that it will be cheaper or more expensive.


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