15 Seconds ADB: ADB Fastboot and drivers for Windows in a handy package

In our tutorials and flash tutorials, we usually recommend that you install the complete Android SDK to also certainly the latest versions of the required tools ADB and Fastboot available. The only 9 MB program 15 Seconds ADB facilitates downloading Windows now considerably and guarantees yet to be always up to date.

15 Seconds ADB: ADB Fastboot and drivers for Windows in a handy package

If we recommend to our Flash tutorials download the complete Android SDK, which is, after several 100 MB in size, we get most of you pointing to smaller packages that bundle the tools needed to use ADB and Fastboot. The problem of such compiled third-party packages that is not always guaranteed that this is the latest version of the programs - but a flash instructions should work not only at the time of publication.

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Remedy for this is the small utility 15 Seconds ADB, which installs in just 15 seconds ADB and Fastboot and required driver on Windows PCs. Special feature: The tools are always downloaded in its latest version. In addition, the program automatically determines whether the 32 bit or 64 bit versions are needed. The test showed that the process is actually quite simple and designed especially fast.


First, the program is needed, which can be downloaded from the corresponding thread of the XDA Developers forum. Since this was created by an unregistered developers, it must be run with administrator rights and the process to be confirmed. Once this is done, the program opens the Windows command prompt and displays version information. After pressing any key the download of ADB and Fastboot and the required Google driver begins. The installation wizard will open again in a separate window. Did the assistant driver installed, close both windows - that's it!

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Since 15 Seconds ADB stores the ADB and Fastboot programs in the Windows folder, both can be called from the command line, no matter which folder you're in. To test this, you open only the Windows PowerShell and type in adb.exe, and a list of available commands is displayed.

Results: Easy, fast and lean, so it must be. For Flashaholics with Windows computer 15 Seconds ADB is a perfect tool that saves a lot of effort &# 8211; Download our recommendation.

Source: XDA Developers forum [Via XDA News]


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