NFC Task Launcher: Smartphone automate NFC tags

Sony has led the way last year with its Smart Tags: smart phones, or change the setting automatically launch apps as soon as they are kept in the vicinity of a small sticker or tag - a so-called NFC tag. With the NFC Task Launcher, German: NFC Task Launcher, this functionality can be replicated with other NFC-enabled smartphones.

NFC Task Launcher: Smartphone automate NFC tags

NFC Task Launcher is a free app that can be programmed with the NFC tags and stored on NFC RFID chips. With it, a series of actions in the tags can be written that will be executed as soon as you approach the back of the turned-on smartphones that day to a few centimeters. With the NFC tags so you can, similar to the familiar profiles to customize a smartphone quickly to a particular situation without making the adjustments each time individually. In addition, can be started via NFC tag and apps, browse web pages, send text messages and make calls.

NFC vs. profiles

NFC tags are more elegant and more universally applicable than profiles, because unlike these are more settings available, it is also not around Typing on the smartphone need to activate a set of settings. Profiles are also characterized by the fact that it often forgets to activate the respectively matching. can be attached to the typical storage places of their own smart phones such as the bedside table, the desk in the office or on the front door visible indulge NFC tags. So it is difficult or impossible for the largest bowl to sit down with a loud roaring smartphone middle of a meeting in the nettles.

NFC tags

With NFC tags is simple memory chips with low capacities, which are passive as such and which purchase the necessary for writing and reading energy via induction. For this purpose, the device generates a magnetic field generated by current in the coil of the chip. there are NFC tags in various versions, and not every day is compatible with any hardware.

Cheap NFC tags 154 bytes

For use with smartphones (self) Tags recommend according to ISO 15693 or ISO 14443, which may be obtained depending on the quantity and quality from only about 50 cents each. Tags on which next actions, items such as texts or even images to be stored, require significantly more storage capacity than that of the favorable day in about 160 bytes available, they are also more expensive of course, but unnecessary for most purposes. If you are not sure which NFC tags can be used with your own device, looking for example at Amazon for "NFC tags" *, in conjunction with the device name.

NFC Task Launcher: The functional range


By vertical scrolling of the home screen in the NFC Task Launcher you get into the menus Free tags, buy tags, examples of my tags and statistics. The most interesting thing here is the point my tags, the previously programmed tags with the chosen name indicates. On the screenshot Some obvious examples are seen. Here, new tags can be generated and loaded with action and existing tags are edited. Thus, new actions can insert, remove actions tags and change the order of actions.

Also saving the tags on the chips is done here. To do this go best smartphone on the day and pressed the appropriate button. Already programmed chips are overwritten without prompting. Successful write and read operations acknowledged the smartphone through a notification. The default actions to change settings usually require only a few bytes of space on the chip.

enumerate all the launcher with the NFC Task programmable actions beyond the scope of this article. One can safely assume that you will hardly find an available on your phone function or setting option that can not be programmed into a tag using the NFC Task Launcher - but some of them require root privileges.

Switch tags

Tags can also be programmed so that they function like a switch with two possible states. If you hold the smartphone to the day setting Clause 1 is called. By repeating the process, setting set 2 is activated, then again setting sentence 1, etc. Switch tags are for most applications, the drug of choice.



As seen on the screenshot, offers itself as the first finger exercise a switch day after day and night's rest at which you can stick it on the bedside table. you go to bed and put the smartphone on the specially programmed NFC tag, settings such as brightness, volume, data connections, etc. are adjusted automatically. In the morning when you get up then you need only to lift the phone and then hold back briefly to the NFC tag to make the connection set for operation over the day again.
Meaning it can also make to install a switch day near the front door and there to deposit the presets for home and travel. We often hear about the move music via a Bluetooth headset, you can activate this feature from the days when walking on and off when you come home. The same applies, for example Wi-Fi, which one needs on the road rarely, at home and would like to have but often activated in the office.


Cheap NFC RFID chips offer together with the NFC Task Launcher a simple introduction to the NFC world. Who makes sense to program the tags and placed in the right places, can look forward to an extremely fast and convenient way to adapt his cell phone to place, time of day and situation. The app is well thought out, well laid out and easy to use - only the correct programming of the switch tags reveals itself not necessarily immediately, because this has to be selected as "Task 2" a previously created day.

is a pity that the screen must be activated in almost all devices to be able to read one day - but there are also operating system modifications that bypass this limitation. For someone whose device is rooted and is not afraid to correspondingly increased battery consumption and the (slightly) increased safety risk, a Google search for "[Device Name] NFC Screen Off" can yield more information.


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