WhatsApp Web: Top 10 Tips for WhatsApp in the browser

WhatsApp Web: Top 10 Tips for WhatsApp in the browser

Martin Malischekon 23/01/2015 at 13:08

Surprisingly WhatsApp has unveiled a Web version of its Messenger. Registration for WhatsApp Web via the smartphone supports the mobile operating systems Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Android - iOS is left out. We show you some features and reveal various gimmicks that allow the use of WhatsApp Web clients is much more comfortable.

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With WhatsApp Web App Messenger giant throws a hot sought-after feature on the market: On the smartphone, simply open "WhatsApp Web" in the menu at the top right and then scans the QR displayed in the Chrome browser on web.whatsapp.com code one. So one connects his smartphone with the web version. At the present time WhatsApp Web offers almost all functions of the smartphone app.

WhatsApp Web: Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp use on PC &# 8211; Add and remove devices

The first time the menu item "WhatsApp Web" with the smartphone app to scan the displayed Chrome browser QR codes, first of all offered. To subsequently registered computer to remove, simply type the corresponding entry in the WhatsApp app. add another device is on the "+" - possible hint button.

Before scanning the QR codes should be given on the Web home to consider adding "stay logged in" the check in to remove. Otherwise there is a connection with the respective Chrome browser permanently and could in Internet cafes or on computers that are accessed by multiple users, continue to be used by third parties. If the option is deselected, the connection is a few minutes - is unless interacts with the web interface - isolated.

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Although WhatsApp Web missing some minor features, on the whole range of functions is sufficient and the application itself works very well.

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