War Thunder: Ground Forces – Realistic mode Spotlight

In War Thunder: Ground Forces of Realistic mode is a neat stricter version of the simple arcade mode. We tell you what are you einlasst you if you add more realism in War Thunder: Ground Forces wishes.

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War Thunder: Ground Forces - Realistic Mode - Where should I hinschießen?

While in arcade mode, both the optimum penetration and the correction for the projectile trajectory were displayed in the crosshairs, you see in the real mode only a crosshair. And the latter only in the gunner view! Otherwise, the sighting is just a vile circle.

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So you have to find out for itself where you need hinschießen for maximum effect. However Gaijin Entertainment show has with you and let at least pass the special damage camera, gets to the displayed her where and what you have just met with your grenade and damaged. Furthermore, the control in the real mode is somewhat bulky because your tank turns laboriously between courses and more around wobbles.

Where is the enemy?

In arcade mode you can see at any time where friends and enemies are. For your allies this also applies in the real mode. But your enemies you have to first find and even if it sees them, you conceals War Thunder: Ground Forces the name and type of vehicle of the opponent. So you have already constitute by itself an enemy tank in the bush, which is a real challenge, especially when painted with Tarnlack vehicles!

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This feature makes the realistic combat unequal exciting, because in every bush, the enemy could be lurking and unlike in arcade mode, this is not immediately marked by the game for you. And by the lack of targeting aids the tank battles found in the realistic mode to much smaller space instead and tanks often replace several ineffectual shots until one can ultimately prevail. Speaking enemy: In realistic mode to fight the individual fractions - currently Russia, Germany and the US - historically accurate, however. So there are no teams from a mixture of the three factions.

War Thunder: Ground Forces - Realistic mode - Earn you your extra life!

While you can happily use a new vehicle from your fund after a defeat in Arcade mode, you start in the real mode, only the selected vehicle. If you this is wege shot just after start of the game under the butt, that's it for you!

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But if you beat you well, you deserve you vehicle points which you can then again into play with another vehicle or even enter a flier. The plane did not disappear, but you remain permanently. So thrilling combined battles between tanks and planes are possible.

Facts about the realistic mode:

  • No longer targeting aids. The crosshairs must be sufficient!
  • still you have the choice between the third person or gunner view.
  • Only friends are displayed on the minimap.
  • Enemies will never emphasized her she must see with the naked eye can!
  • Extra life and respawns only good players who earn through combat successes points.
  • Airplanes in exchange for vehicle points permanently available.
  • Only vehicles of a fraction per page possible.



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