Setup.exe – Trojan or safe? The Tipps!

Although have now naturalized many other names, still plenty of installers Setup.exe hot. But sometimes even Trojans with this name camouflage. How to find out the difference, learn it here.

Setup.exe - Trojan or safe? The Tipps!

Of course Trojan programmers want to be lulled into security and therefore choose unsuspecting filename to move to the start of their programs. And serious programmers just select the default name Setup.exe to create no uncertainty. That makes it difficult for us users to recognize the potential threats.

Setup.exe downloading: Preliminary investigations

For most Windows users do not mean as a file setup.exe yes, but simply setup. Because the default setting of Windows provides for known file extensions are hidden. Anyone can easily verify in his, program folder. In this respect, it is somewhat surprising when a download or the file attached to an email is really called setup.exe. Because that suggests that yet another extension comes after the displayed name with which the actual file format is marked. However, it would make little sense for executable Trojan just in this file name to call the Setup.exe.exe file.

If a file suddenly has an ending and setup.exe is, the entries will be displayed again - or is it a TrojanIf a file suddenly has an ending and setup.exe is, the entries will be displayed again &# 8211; or is it a Trojan

First, every Windows user should anyway set the Folder Options his PC so that known file extensions are no longer hidden. Each folder can be classified &Organize, 8220&# 8221; the &# 8220; Folder and Search Options&# 8221; call. Here we see &# 8220; view&# 8221; a hook at &Hide extensions for known file types; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Once this hook is removed, we see suspicious attachments much faster. Then we see, for example, that a mail attachment does not mean but is an executable program named And then we see whether our file is really called setup.exe.

Setup.exe file properties

A first quick test shows us what information the programmer has left in it. If we click on the setup.exe file with the right mouse button and then &# 8220; properties&# 8221; choose an information window opens. Under &# 8220; details&# 8221; we find information from the manufacturer.

A reputable Setup.exe contains manufacturer informationA reputable Setup.exe contains manufacturer information

Setup of Skype as you can see the example image that contains a lot of information about manufacturers and program version. The other file, however, gives us no information. Of course, we can not give a hundred percent security. Thorough virus writers can also falsify this information. But it is a first indication. When the circumstances under which you got this Setup.exe already were strange, they should investigate further!

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examine setup.exe to threats

If the own virus scanner does not start Setup.exe file so that is not necessarily safe. The Trojan may just not as well known. Fortunately there is Online virus scanner, with which we can examine the file the same by all current scanners.

Nearly two dozen antivirus think that my Setup.exe is clean. lucky!Nearly two dozen antivirus think that my Setup.exe is clean. lucky!

On the pages of Jotti or VirusTotal we can upload suspicious files and which are then analyzed in real time from up to 55 different virus scanners. we get the result soon after. If the file is really clean, we get the green light. Identified threats are clearly highlighted. This gives us a clue. Sometimes there are false alarms, however. So some virus scanners look at the presence of an executable packers as a threat, other than perfectly normal procedure.

But when everything is green and the file comes from a really trusted source, then you should start it and try it. But it never hurts, even with the next file to be careful again.


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