Fallout 4 – Nuka World: Porter Gage, all information about the new companion

In the addon Nuka World Fallout 4 expects you a new companion with whom you can roam the post-apocalyptic world. His name is Porter Gage and he's a thoroughbred Raider, you come across quite early in the game, even if you can not recruit equal him. It gives you even the ultimate weapon for the arena and you can take him to a romance after the subsequent recruitment even. We ask you Porter Gage on this site more closely before.

Porter Gage has a colorful history and gives you neat extra firepower, and a new perk. He is a helpful guide through the Raider madness of Nuka World and all the dangers of the new addon.

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Fallout 4 &# 8211; Nuka World: History and recruitment of Porter Gage

The new companion in Nuka World has been through a lot. As a child, he grew up on a farm and lived as Raider from time to time supplies by the settlers demanded. His parents and other residents gave way always, without having to fight against injustice. At the age of 12 years Porter fled Gage during a raider attack and tried to stand on its own. In the following years he stayed with zwieträchtigen Jobs alive and found again and again that people hardly sit down against the Raiders to defend and thus the lifestyle of the crooks was very tempting for him.



Enthusiastic about the lifestyle of Raider, located Gage joined them at the age of 16 years. He dedicated himself to improve his squad and submitted to the other Raider many suggestions and ideas. One day they were even of its leader &# 8220; The Harvester&# 8221; heard and implemented. Porter Gage was henceforth to adviser to the head honcho. This went well for a while, but eventually the big boss wanted his protégé, for fear of competition, to get rid of and lured him into a trap. Gage survived Porter and always joined the then new groups of raiders on, which he experienced many bad things and learned the hardness of the Raider-existence.

Porter recruit Gage, goes like this&# 8217; s!

At the beginning of World Nuka you have the same chance to meet on Porter. Before ye against the over Boss have to ask, you will receive a Porter Gage Water gun. This sounds at first do not feel as if he really wanted to help you, but the armor of the Over Bosses is energized and the gun will give him this for Ratio
ängnis. Thus Porter gets his revenge and you have an easier time in the fight. Speak after the fight with Gage and the Quest &# 8220; An ambitious plan&# 8221; starts. Closes it and Porter Gage will work for the follow up &# 8220; The grand tour&# 8221; join you, which ye him can recruit.


Porter Gage &# 8211; Capabilities of the Raiders

The old Raider brings his own armor with them. If you want to replace them you should be careful because his Eyepatch disappears, if you she takes off. Porter has seen many weapon models in the course of his life and relies on a handmade gun, as is common in Raider circles. He stands you in the fight to the side and has in addition it offers you even on to buy items. However, you can only Nuka World shopping with him.

A romance with Porter Gage

At some point it had to be. You can finally share with a Raider bed in Fallout 4! To steal you into the heart of the sinister fiend, you must diligently pick locks make and Raider gangs bad. Particularly charming Porter finds it way, if you as much as possible to kill. What you definitely not should do is Murder of a Raider in Nuka World. This upset her your new companion not only, but can even cause it leaves you. Respects her on these things and it is romantic between you and Gage, then you can expect the following perk:

  • Lessons in Blood: You will receive five percent more experience for each kill and +10 Damage Resistance.

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