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The eggs are safe, but now it's the other dogs at the collar. Rescue kidnapped by smugglers birds in Rio.

In time for the theatrical release of animated film Rio launched Rovio Entertainment Ltd., creators of the highly excitable bird, a cross-franchise that Angry Birds should send to the city at the Sugar Loaf: Angry Birds Rio.

Captured by smugglers who are on the hunt for rare birds Angry Birds Rio must start not against ravenous pig soldiers, but free the villain of Nigel trapped in cage birds.

So Angry Birds Rio plays

At the actual gameplay, not much has it done: As before, the different colored Angry Birds are fired with an oversized catapult and having to tear carefully piled buildings that bird cages are destroyed on that.

Here ballistic curves must be calculated and the special powers of the Angry Birds consulted are drawn to free all the birds.

The scope of Angry Birds Rio

Originally planned with only 60 levels as a promotional game for the theatrical release of Rio, Rovio's bird shooter received now through various updates a circumference of more than 180 levels. Certainly you can unlock 15 hidden levels by resourceful players and star collectors at large.

This is either the purchase of the film needed, which then accompanied comes with an enclosed code or by unerring shots at certain points in the game (but only in the Android and iOS version of the game).

The hidden ?? ?? episode Golden Beach Ball unlock, you need to start 6-13 and the Red Bird so weak shoot up that he lands between catapult and the first opponent only Level. Screen a golden ball. Are you changing now appears the main menu, the episode Golden Beach ball would be available on the right side.

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