Word: Show ruler – so it’ll work for sure

In Word you can display the ruler to as measure text exactly in millimeters or centimeters. display the ruler in Microsoft Word is one of the easier functions of word processing. In the following guide, we show you how to do that exactly.

Word: Show Ruler - works so's ganz sicher

Show Word Ruler: Step by Step

  1. To the ruler in Word *Word: Show ruler - so it'll work for suredisplay, you will first open the Word document.
  2. Substituted now in the top bar to the tab view.
  3. Click there on the button page layout, if it is not already selected.
  4. In the top bar you now see a number of layout options.
  5. Examines the ruler option and places a check mark next to the option (see screenshot).
  6. The ruler is now enabled in Word.
  7. If you want to remove the ruler again, from her just check the box again.
  8. With the linear can you as Adjust text fields exactly. Read also turn the Guide Word text on the subject: Quick and uncomplicated.

Word ruler

Word 2013: The comprehensive guide*

Show Word Ruler: Alternative Method

In addition to the method described above, there is also an easier way to the ruler in Word *Word: Show ruler - so it'll work for suredisplay.

Word Lineal2

  1. Opens the Word document and direct your attention to the top right of the Word window.
  2. Your very easily hidden there a small icon in the shape of a truncated rule (see screenshot).
  3. Click on the icon &# 8211; the ruler appear above and next to the text box.
  4. To remove the ruler, you click the icon again.

Word 2013: The instructions in pictures*

Show Word Ruler: What Can We Do?

You need the ruler in Word *Word: Show ruler - so it'll work for sure at all? Writing text in Word is still that way. This is true, but the ruler in Word offers a number of useful options. These include:

  • Precise alignment of text fields, graphics and tables
  • Adjusting rows and paragraphs &# 8211; important as in official documents such as an application where the date should be just above the right
  • (To exact line spacing in tabular texts as tables of contents and insert to save the tedious searching with the space bar) use of tabs. With the ruler you can specify the exact distance of the tab stops.
  • Read on contents also our Guide Word: So you created a table of contents.

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