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Party Player is a freeware program for playing sound files at parties. Special features such as Crossfading and prepared playlists provide cool party music without constant searches.

Of the Party Player Download only needs to be unpacked and then without installation run immediately. The German program needs when you first start a few more details, such as the paths of the folder that contains the sound files or what skin is to be used, then the player gets going immediately.

Party player functions at a glance

As mentioned, the party player starts off immediately. That's because he already invests its own playlist with a few random entries at startup. Party player shows you always have two lists. In one contains the sound files found in the other to playing music.

Party player in typical WinAmp designParty player in typical WinAmp design

Party player is not a pure MP3 player. In addition to this standard format it supports, among others even files in WMA format. However, should not be ignored and that the player is no longer quite as timely. The last version dates from 2005 and at the time many sound file formats were not a big issue. They played on MP3 and that was it already. Support for M4A files from iTunes will search in vain here.

Who has however already present the majority of his music as MP3, which may well have fun at the small mobile players. Simply slide the player party and the music together with prepared playlists on a USB stick and the party can go anywhere where a computer with speakers stands.

The program saves all the songs found on a list that you can then browse their fast. On that occasion, a few pieces or files can be renamed even equal that have something strange name. This possibility offers the party player. A playlist can be up to 32,767 pieces of music, but that should be enough to everyone.

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