Rush Hour 4: When is the release date?

It's been ten years since Rush Hour started off in German cinemas. Overall, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour played a 3 some 850 million US dollars at the box office around the world. So why not produce a fourth installment of the hit action-comedy? We have investigated the question of whether there will be a fourth part, look like him and when could be the theatrical release.

For more than ten years are rumors and the desire for Rush Hour 4 in space. Every now and then the actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and producer Brett Ratner in interviews to the plans of Rush Hour 4 were asked. 2016 ran a series adaptation of rush hour on the American screens, but could not go beyond one season. Is this a good or bad sign for Rush Hour 4?

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Rush Hour 4: Is a theatrical release possible?

Even IMDb has already created a page Rush Hour 4 - which is a very good sign. Unfortunately, it was already. Information about screenplay, theatrical release or let alone one seeks a trailer in vain. Already 2012 announced producer Arthur M. Sarkissian that Rush Hour 4 would be working with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

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2014 was still not published the fourth part and Jackie Chan said in an interview that he would not need a fourth part. He would join again only under one condition: A really good script. Apparently, he was either the scripts that have been submitted to it to date for Rush Hour 4, not satisfied, or Rush Hour 3 was looking back for him but not so good and he would not do it again the same mistake. It makes it seem as though Jackie Chan along with screenwriter tip the scales. For a few years back is nothing to hear from a sequel. About news and updates, we'll keep you at this point, of course, up to date. Until then, you can watch just enjoy the previous parts:

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Rush Hour 4: failed on the series?

The rumors about a fourth part of Rush Hour has significantly decreased after the 2014th but this is a series adaptation in 2016 went to the starting line. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence has teamed up with Cougar Town writer Blake McCormick and a reboot with a different composition realized with the series: The Chinese Mafia become a disturbance in America. To fight crime to set a team of Carter - played by Justin Hires - and Lee, a cop from Hong Kong, together.

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The first season consists of 13 episodes that were broadcast from 31 March 2016 to 20 August 2016 the CBS. More than one season, however, there was not. The plan was also to run the show in Germany on Sat. first 3 days before the actual broadcast date, September 18, 2016 have been in the short term but decided not to appeal. Among the reasons, no statement was made. One can only speculate that the odds were not so great as one would have liked. Whether that is now positive or negative for the barometer a production of Rush Hour 4, would be speculation.


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