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By downloading FileDrop you own a software for Windows with which their data from a Windows hard drive with an iPhone, iPad or iPod can share wirelessly.

file drop-logoFor the exchange of data between iOS device and Windows, both the Apple device and the Windows computer on the same network must be located. FileDrop not only allows the transfer of data between the PC and iOS device, but also among different computers without having to connect them with a cable.

FileDrop: exchange data between Windows, iPhone, iPad and Mac

For this FileDrop must be installed on both the sender and on the receiver system. After the program has started, all available PCs and devices are shown in a list. For data exchange with iPhone or iPad you still need the free iOS app.

FileDrop - Pair and Share (AppStore link)QR codeFileDrop - Pair and Share&# 124; Price: 3.49 €App Store*

The files can be quickly and easily with the mouse to drag & Drop are transferred to the memory of the connected device. The data transfer should be confirmed, then the exchange can begin. The data is transmitted usually fast. The speed of transmission depends on the actual network.

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FileDrop: Download and install

Will share their files between a Windows PC and Mac, you can find the FileDrop as an app for Mac. Here, too, you start the program easily on both systems and selects the appropriate files for transfer from the memory of the desired system.

FileDrop (AppStore link)QR codeFileDrop&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*

Who wants to move data from a Windows PC to an iPhone, iPad or a Mac, find the right, free application with FileDrop. The use of a USB flash drive or SD card or tedious data transmission via email Needless accordingly. A similar program is AirDro from Apple. FileDrop is also suitable as a complement to iTunes if you want to transfer various photos, documents, etc. from iPhone / iPad to PC or vice versa.

Also learn from us how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. We also show you how to WhatsApp to be transfers from iOS to Android.

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