Remove tick: tick tweezers or tick card? When to see a doctor?

While walking near the forest, in the tall grass or bushes near children and dogs and cats are particularly popular hosts for ticks. In summer Ticks are especially feared because of possible infection with Lyme disease. But what to do if a tick bite? Read below the practical guide how you can remove ticks and what you should consider it.

Remove tick: tick tweezers or tick card? When to see a doctor?

A tick bite is actually a stitch and because he can not be felt, the whole body should be checked for the unloved insects after a trip to the countryside. Particularly areas with thin skin such as knee, neck and armpits are a popular destination for the tick bite.

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The tick bite often goes unnoticed because it does not hurt. The tick stunned our skin with their saliva before it stings. You always should a means for removing the tick while walking or working in the garden have at hand. The faster the tick from her, the less likely that it infects you with pathogens.

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Remove tick: message on Facebook is dangerous

Remove tickDangerous post on Facebook. Source:

On Facebook there are each year information such as ticks retreating leave. The spread here advice is often counterproductive and even dangerous. It is said in a post that also contains a request for parts of the contribution that the following method was reportedly recommended by a pediatrician and it was very easy. It states that one should give liquid side on a cotton ball and then keep it on the tick. Please, dont't try that! And other tools should not be used if you want to remove a tick.


  • Babysitting or olive oil
  • alcohol
  • adhesive
  • nail polish remover
  • petrol

Through this Flüssigeiten gets the tick shortness of breath, is stressed and vomits the pathogens more quickly into the blood. As viruses and bacteria enter such as the dangerous Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria directly into the body and you can infect you with TBE or Lyme disease, to remove as quickly as possible and carefully place the tick.

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Remove tick: What methods are there?

You have to remove a tick should note her the following:

  • The head of the tick must not tear. Therefore, often discouraged from turning the tick.
  • The tick should not be stressed by excessive squeezing and squeezing.
  • Holds the tick as close to the skin and close to the tick head, she fixed and pull it out slowly and carefully. does not push it too hard and do not pull it out with a jerk, so they will not irritate and releases possibly dangerous body fluids faster.
  • Then the site should be disinfected with alcohol or iodine-containing ointment to prevent infection.
Tick ​​in dogsAlso popular are dogs with ticks: dog owners should regularly check the coat and remove the tick with a tick remover, tweezers or pinch with your fingers here, of course.

Aids to remove the tick

For this example, is a special tweezers*Remove tick: tick tweezers or tick card? When to see a doctor?, which should be offered in the lower part: Holds the tick with the tweezers directly above the skin and pulls it away carefully. A tick card *Remove tick: tick tweezers or tick card? When to see a doctor?is a practical tool in the form of a credit card with recesses. Pushes the notch under the tick, this raises slightly and pushes the tick out in one fluid motion. The ticks card has another notch for smaller ticks or bee stings usually. However, the map is less in the groin and for animals.

For the pet are so-called tick hook *Remove tick: tick tweezers or tick card? When to see a doctor?more practical. So the tick can be levered out without pressure. If you have no tools at hand, it is also the fumble and fingernails. It should be particularly vigilant to ensure that one's skin does not come into physical contact with body fluids of a tick.

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shutterstock_103937018The Tick Hook is especially handy for pets.

What to do after the tick has been removed?

Even after the tick has been successfully resolved, you should not come into contact with their body fluids. Therefore: not trampling or crush with your fingers. flush down the toilet is also no guarantee that the tick really dies.

Recommended against it: Kill the tick with 40% Alkohl, Dettol or chlorine cleaner. You can wrap them in paper and then go with a solid object and with pressure on the paper.

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Tick ​​bite: When the doctor?

Do not wait until you can let remove the tick. You should immediately be disconnected from the host after it was found. Could not be completely removed the tick, users are confused. these parts of the lancing apparatus usually fall over time but on themselves. If you are unsure or if the redness does not go back, you should still see a doctor.


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