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Minecraft mods and texture packs, there are now a dime a dozen. The quality of the modifications and texture packages for "Minecraft" varies enormously and also the installation is not always easy. We provide a detailed overview of the best fan and community sites and provide guidance to install Minecraft mods and texture packs ready.

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Danger: Before you decide on a particular mod or a texture pack, you should always refer to the current version number of &Minecraft; # 8220&# 8221; Client care. The chosen modification must namely always be compatible with the use client &# 8211; otherwise you face a black screen.

Minecraft in German:

For many players, the most important modification of all: the German translation. The Mod Translated into German the entire game, including all items and the menu of &Minecraft; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

play mods and texture packs for free - - Minecraft GIGA

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the file "minecraft.jar"Using WinZip or WinRar and delete the folder"META.INF"
  2. Opens the "long" folder and the ".lang" replaced file with this file.

Alternatively, you can also this video tutorial of page follow

Textures packages for Minecraft: Installation instructions

The installation of Texture packs is relatively simple. Provides First, make sure to install the Texture pack with the current version of the Minecraft client is compatible.

Installation Instructions:

  1. • Starts &Minecraft; # 8220&# 8221; and selects the menu option "Mods and Texture Packs".
  2. • There is another menu follows in which you select the menu item "Open texture pack folder"Clicks.
  3. • Then automatically opens a Windows Explorer window. In this directory, the previously downloaded "ZIP" file (ie the actual textures package) must now be copied. Considered it essential that the files NOT BE UNPACKING.
  4. • Even the textures pack appears in the "Mods and Texture Packs" list and can with "Done" to be activated.

Mods for Minecraft: Installation instructions

Again, the version of the modification must necessarily be compatible with the client version of Minecraft! Warning: Some of the mods will need "ModLoader". How to apply this, learn it on here. Lynchpin installing mods is the "minecraft.jar"File. This is in the "minecraft / bin"Directory and is the first start of" created Minecraft "automatically. It can only be modified when the game is NOT running.

Installation Instructions:

Before you file starts editing - because that's what we want to achieve with the mods - you should necessarily backup Create from her. So just copy the files and store in a safe place. If the damage "minecraft.jar", it can be replaced in this way at any time.

Now to the actual modify of "Minecraft":

  1. Open the file "minecraft.jar"(E.g. with a current version of the program 7Zip).
  2. Then you open the previously downloaded Mod file (These are files in .zip format /.rar). Usually there are text files with detailed installation instructions. This is strictly followed, as the modders large variation in part or organize their files in different ways.
  3. If this is not the case, it does the following: Selects all files the modification (these are the ".class"Files) and they simply pulls drag & Drop in the previously opened minecraft.jar over. Now you have the "minecraft.jar" only to save and start "Minecraft" new.

English summary pages for mods and texture packs:

The currently most current and comprehensive overview of "Minecraft" modifications and texture packs can be found on the page The forum is indeed in English, but download and installation instructions are simple and mostly to understand without any problems.

Here you will find both a clear Mod listing for client version: Beta 1.2_02 with the best modifications, as well as a very comprehensive thread about texture packages of all kinds The site is also an excellent starting point for guides, tutorials and Editior statements.. Even a contest to send in mods and texture packs are available on the page. Very beautiful.

Another good and English sites on the topic "mods Texture packs and tutorials" and community include:


The best German Minecraft Pages:

The Minepedia is the first stop for all questions about Minecraft universe. On the side you will find the liveliest German Forum on "mods Texture packs and tutorials". On you can find a very nice Mod overview in German on the numerous modification of Minecraft. The creators have also created a very nice FAQ for modding.

Top 10 Minecraft HD Texture Pack Top 10:

Who wants to verhübschen Minecraft a bit, can do 10 list of best HD textures pack this with our top.

Finally the best:

There is the absolute best Minecraft videos.  Those who do not own the game, it can here Minecraft download free.

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