PutLocker: Top movies online and watch for free – Is that legal?

The streaming portal PutLocker is one of many points of contact if you want to see on the fly one of the latest movies that just in the cinema, in the domestic monitor again. No entry fee, no dispute over the armrest, only the popcorn must bring their own. But is this even legal? We clarify.

PutLocker: Top movies online and watch for free - Is that legal?

As always and in every situation bears the motto weight &# 8220; ignorance is no excuse&# 8221; is particularly important to us with this article is to eliminate the possible ignorance, so that you know what can come up to you if you will but then again caught by a Abmahnanwalt or it does not have to come only as far.

Putlocker.is: stream free movies. Why not?

PutLocker-hosterPutLocker: The list of file hosters

The ending .is is a registered domain in Iceland. Here too similar to many African countries a more liberal approach to copyright. Considering the failed attempt to revoke the BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay alone, it is not surprising that there are still many dubious portals move their domain to the treeless island.

The question of the legality of PutLocker must not be made long: Although Putlocker.is offers no direct stream to copyrighted movies on the side as a prima facie perhaps might suggest, but merely the links to file hosters ready where you can stream the desired movie then.

Contrary to popular belief widely is already an act of copyright. Because at this point is linked knowingly illegal sources that offer illegally protected material.

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PutLocker: Watch Once can not be illegal?

&# 8220; Once View&# 8221; ie in the case of streams that you load you a maximum compressed version of the film in the cache of your computer, which already constitutes a reproduction. This right, however, is available only to the author himself or a third party employed and is therefore already act of punishment.

Of course there is then also the much-quoted right to private copying, the so-called &# 8220; Gray Zone&# 8221 ;, who want to make many users like to exploit, without really knowing what's behind it.

Gray area in that case, does not mean that it is legal, but only that the facts are not fully understood and therefore process sometimes can be protracted further.

The right to private copy

Arrested in § 53 of the Copyright Act is the right to private copying, which permits a copy for their own use (which in this case even the temporary storage of the stream in the buffer would be) to customize. However, this runs are connected, their not very precise definition of the whole designated only to the &# 8220; Gray Zone&# 8221; will leave. Sentence 1 of paragraph already states that as a source for copying no &# 8220; template manifestly unlawful manufactured or made publicly available used&# 8221; must not have been.

Since it is, however, at PutLocker is anything but a legal source, have no matter from which Filehoster streamed her the film, it goes on the same spot of copyright and thus makes you liable to prosecution.

PutLocker: So it does not matter if the site is legal or not, I make myself liable to prosecution?

The question whether the legality of PutLocker and other similar streaming providers we have already clarified above. Who is streaming a movie of such a page is an offense against the copyright law and that can be not only expensive, but also pull in the worst case, imprisonment penalties.

174751Pirates - Respect Copyrights - GIGASo funny, some the title of &Rape copier; # 8220&# 8221; may find, as little is but a minor offense and will be prosecuted vigorously. No, a 100% risk of receiving a warning does not exist, but these should not be excluded.


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