Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new season

Since October 2015, we already know that "Mistresses" was renewed by ABC for one season. 4 Now the first results are already run on TV. We have gathered all the information coming fourth season for you for you.

Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new seasonSource: ABC Studios

"Mistresses" is the American remake of the eponymous British TV series. Originally, the famous actress Alyssa Milano one of the female leads held, but then had to leave the series when the set was moved to Vancouver.

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What we know about "Mistresses" Season 4:

+++Spoiler +++

The fourth season of "Mistresses" will have a total of 14 episodes. The third season ended with a corresponding cliffhanger that will be resolved soon hopefully in season 4th After her affair with her Manny Robert it comes hot on for Karen in season 4th She embarks on an affair with the extremely good-looking Adam. This Karen has met on a dating site. However, only he believes in it. Has perhaps someone spent on Karen?

In Season 3 Jennifer Esposito has taken the fourth female lead. According to producer her character was designed only for this season. Although Esposito's presentation has convinced you hath been for "Mistresses" Season 4 in search of a different character.

RTL Passion can you comfortably live stream of Magine watch

When "Mistresses" Season 4 starts here in Germany?

Right now we can not even watch Season 1 of "Mistresses" in German Free-TV us. the series will be broadcast then SuperRTL. At the moment, we can therefore look at "Mistresses" only on pay TV on RTL Passion. On 13 July 2016, the third season will premiere there. At 20:15 we go.

Since May 30, 2016, the fourth season of "Mistresses" is broadcast in any event on US television. Once all 14 episodes have run, we can expect that we will get to see them soon in this country.

Mistresses starts in German Free-TV in summer 2016

Episode Guide to "Mistresses" Season 4:

resultGerman titleUS title
1tbaThe New Girls
2tbaMistaken Identity
3tbaUnder Pressure
4tbablurred lines

Where to run the previous seasons of "Mistresses"?

In the stream you can find the series "Mistresses" at different VoD providers. If you want to watch the show as part of your flat rate, then you will find it at the following services:

  • Amazon Prime *Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new seasonHere you can find the first two seasons of the show.
  • Max cathedrals *Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new seasonHere the first two seasons of "Mistresses" in German and English are available.
  • Sky Online *Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new season: Do you have a subscription, then you can watch here the first two seasons.
  • Watch Ever also offers you the opportunity to "Mistresses" season one and season two in the stream to look.

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If you want you buy all the episodes and seasons of "Mistresses" and save on your hard drive rather, you can look in on the following services:

  • Max cathedrals Store *Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new season: There Mistresses to borrow and to buy.
  • iTunes *Mistresses Season 4: Information on the new seasonHere you can buy you the first three seasons.

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