Beam: What makes the twitch alternative better

Who among you does not look like to other gamers over the shoulder? The best-known platform that meets this need is likely to be well Twitch. But Twitch has a crucial problem: With up to 20 seconds of delay for direct communication between Streamer and viewer is often not possible. The startup Beam want to put things right - and so Twitch outdo.

Whether Rocket Beans, Gronkh or Summoner&They are all with their Twitch channels immensely successful: s Inn; #. 8217 Because e-sports streams and Let&# 8217; s plays are extremely popular. Some dreamed of watching valuable tips for their own scores, others want the best gamers in the world just once look over your shoulder. However, for most viewers it's more: you will appreciate the interactive moment of streaming, pass through the chat suggestions or just want to chat with their idol.

So the interface of Beam looks.So the interface of Beam looks.

What is still quite feasible for small streams, however, is much too confusing from a viewer number several thousand. To make matters worse, that twitch is struggling with a delay of up to 20 seconds. While they operated their own game server platform MCProHosting, Beam CEO Matthew Salsamendi and James Boehm were (COO) aware of this streaming problems. And because they had already gained some experience in the IT field by their companies, the two boys decided to tackle the problem on your own and build your own streaming service.

With Beam Interactive Salsamendi and Boehm Game streams want to bring on a whole new level: with a delay of less than one second is direct communication between Streamer and viewer much more possible than Twitch. But Beam goes one step further: Here viewers can even make their own decisions and place objects - and intervene so directly in the game of the streamer, help him or make nasty traps. It is also possible to beam to steer with the other viewers a complete game. You can imagine it as similar to "Twitch plays Pokemon", but much clearer and hopefully much less chaotic.

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On Beam you can easily themselves engage in the game.On Beam you can easily themselves intervene into the game.

The idea seems to hit a nerve: With her team, the two boys sat in the 2016er TechChrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield in New York through against 21 other startups. And apparently their idea also depends on you - the Beta Beam started before 90 days and to date more than 100,000 users have been logged, 80,000 of them regularly over the entire three-month period. And even more amazing is the time spent on the page: the streamers was seen it about 3 hours virtually over his shoulder Pro session.

Beam is funded by a mix of advertising, a system modeled on Twitch and YouTube subscription model and anti-money unlockable features. Currently mainly indie games are streamed, but the company plans to integrate every game in its own platform soon. Remains to be seen whether the young company can actually run with this idea Twitch the rank.

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