Deponia Doomsday in the test: Per journey to a happy ending?

With Deponia Doomsday, the fourth installment of the popular adventure series of Daedalic appear almost out of nowhere. After the last offshoot some fans were disappointed: you was the end to Rufus, Goal and the planet Deponia not worthy enough. Whether the series finally found a successful conclusion and also newcomers have fun with Doomsday, reveals our test.

The world in 2016 &# 8211; triste games series that offer familiar foods every year. Only a "small" development studio in the far north of Germany still defends itself against the domination of evil FPS games: Adventure forge Daedalic Entertainment. The positive surprise of all fans, the developers have announced unceremoniously fourth of the Deponia series and released a few days later. Whether the concept works, the new part is interesting for beginners series and the story around the duseligen Rufus finds a successful end, I'll tell you in the test to Deponia Doomsday.

Who still wants to keep all the puzzles, characters and locations of new adventures, exchanged best equal to the conclusion on page 2. But do not worry, I consider myself well in advance with the spoilers for the game as much as possible back. Let me start the story of the first three parts recap - something that is in the game of the lovely goal, Rufus sweetheart and ex-Elysianerin taken over.

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Rufus dreams think since it can from getting into paradise Elysium, perched high above the junk planet Deponia. To get there and stop the demolition of his home planet, he hits with his friends through seemingly impossible situations clones itself, splits Goals personality into three separate parts, and even organized an entire resistance movement. But unfortunately, his efforts have not borne fruit at the end of which he had hoped. With a heavy heart he had to sacrifice himself to save the people on Deponia and Elysium. Above all, his beloved Goal.

Thanks McChronicle (right) and the time machine starts Rufus wildes adventure in Deponia Doomsday.

In the footsteps of Doctor Who and Marty McFly

And at this point is now using the fourth part. is on the destroyed Deponia meters of snow and in the distance the crashed metropolis Elysium. What happened here? Before I can think further, enters an old, scarred man in the scenery. Even if he is strong marked by time, connoisseurs know right away that this is Rufus. This enabled the explosive towers and puts a Deponia an end once and for all. CUT! The junge Rufus awakes in his morning chair, still half verpeilt sleep. Was it all just a dream?

With mini-games that many brain-teasers are nicely loosened. This gives plenty of variety.

This is where the wild ride the world begins again has to save from certain end and sets out on the hunt for his own happy ending with Goal to Elysium through time and space in which Rufus. If it works, I will not tell you, of course. But let it be said that the way to the final credits consistently entertaining and never boring. Even in the quieter passages in the middle of the game, there is always enough incentive to continue your journey. So you visited, among others, an old amusement park, new scrap cities and even the promised Elysium. And towards the end the whole thing degenerates even out into a space-time chaos that can schlackern ears even a die-hard Doctor Who fan.

Here you knobelt you typical point-and-click adventure through the individual screenshots and combine objects from your inventory with each other to get to the solution. In between her entertain you with the numerous characters and thus get new guidance on how to proceed now. It all goes well out of hand. Only two places I found small bugs that had to do with a shifted dialog box. That will be still ironed out with certainty. The situation is different from in the old and new game mechanics that have a negative impact on Deponia Doomsday.

Rufus takes everything that is not nailed down. This creates its new objects in the inventory.

Annoying as 100 Quick Time Events

The interspersed QTEs, as here, the Furzerei in the whirlpool, are playful insignificant and nerves more.

As good as the tried and true mechanics of Adventures also function in Deponia Doomsday so questionable are the new design decisions of developers: About the game away Quick Time Events (QTEs) are interspersed always wants to be where dodged wild on the mouse , However, these are playful totally unnecessary and disturbing the flow more. After all, immerse it in a little more than a handful in Deponia Doomsday. However, whenever I had just forgotten that they still exist.

But at the front puzzles there are minor hiccups that rumschleppt the series since the first part with it. Clear, Deponia is a crazy planet, happen on the sorts of crazy things. But the puzzles and brain teasers do that sometimes less well: Every now and then I got stuck in places that were easily solved by trial and error. This quickly leads to frustration moments, but is just as rare as the annoying QTEs to happiness.

In Deponia Doomsday the characters are again wonderfully exaggerated and bizarre.

Out with the old, in with the new

Who suspected a bug in the subheading is wrong: This section is devoted to the characters of Deponia Doomsday. Finally, the point-and-click adventure from Daedalic impresses with quirky supporting characters, egocentric villains and loyal friends who accompany Rufus on his travels. but unlike the previous parts you meet especially on new characters that make it even newcomers easy to find your way in the world.

become Neuigierig? here&# 039; s the first three parts in one pack!*

In Deponia Doomsday figures celebrating their first appearance, which probably belong to the most memorable characters in the adventure series, be it the ever cheerful sunflower Ronny that leads you through the quarters Elysium, or the time-traveling McChronicle that Rufus only on the wild ride entraining by the anomalies: the developers have built many figures that remain long after the credits roll in memory and perform again and again to laughter in front of the screen. And since we have the next highlight of Deponia Doomsday.

Once maggots ragout? No problem! The humor is bitter and triftt the bull's eye.

Humor is when you laugh anyway

The humor of the new Deponia-Adventures is located on the same level as that of the predecessor. For although this is nicknamed the Doomsday, it goes to anything but dull and depressed. In other words: There is bitter, black humorous and some pretty racy. What at first sounds a little overweight, spreads incredibly well for the talks, cut scenes and slapstick deposits of numerous characters. At many points in the game I burst into laughter, have foreign ashamed of Rufus and shaken his head in disbelief when it once again hailed a punch line after another.

A small example be found here already in the attached image. Namely when the cute Made is pressed into the blender and summarily a censorship shield works before the scene. Or sächselnde "locals" Momed who repeatedly upset in talks on the alienation of his desert. Deponia Doomsday is full of flat jokes, satire on current events and pop culture references. And all this - typical series - incredibly well set to music. For some players, the humor could sometimes be a little too flat, but I guarantee you that you Deponia Doomsday can not play without having laughed at least once heartily.

On the second page of my tests Deponia Doomsday I'll tell you conclusively whether now an entry for newcomers worth and give my final conclusion on the adventure Chaos award!


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