CyanogenMod for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: First success

The developer community will never be tired when it comes to bring custom ROMs on smartphones. In recent years, Samsung has, however, made it the community more and more difficult to flash alternative firmwares to the flagship smartphone of the South Koreans. Contrary to expectations, however, it is now a developer apparently managed to bring on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge CyanogenMod running.

CyanogenMod for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: First success

There is not yet much of what can be seen from the development, but fans of the most popular custom ROM of the world cling pretty much at any straw in terms of porting to the Samsung's flagship model. A few sentences of users sktjdgns1189 announced on XDA Developers that he has brought CyanogenMod 13 on his Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to walk and even the sound functioning quite well. During the forum, two photos are only seen by the device with CyanogenMod, the developer demonstrated on his blog in a short video and the functionality of the ROM.

CyanogenMod galaxy-s7-edge galaxy-s7-edge code

However, the matter is still quite choppy and far from land on users' devices. Still, it's amazing that it's ever been able to flash an alternative firmware on the Galaxy S7 edge &# 8211; on top of that the Exynos variant, that is, which is also available in this country. Especially the in-house processor and associated safety precautions have made it difficult to developers to flash Samsung smartphones in the alternatives with Qualcomm processor was more likelihood of a support for the developers. Here, too, however, Qualcomm has decreased significantly in recent years &# 8211; Basically, there are in Anbracht electricity efficiency, hardly reasons preferable to the Qualcomm chip the Exynos processor.

Now the question is how many users would actually install CyanogenMod on your Galaxy S7 edge remains: TouchWiz is already nowhere near as bad as its reputation and as Samsung tries to stop the development of custom ROMs and modifications with a vengeance, it would be difficult will be placed on the legs for independent developers a truly stable and about current firmware.

Source: Sayanogen Mod, XDA Developers

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