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The HWMonitor download shows you at fan speed, voltage and temperature of the hardware components of your computer.

Of the download HWMonitor is a program for hardware monitoring that voltage, temperature and fan speed of components of your PC displays. These values ​​are important indicators of the "health" of your hardware, the monitoring is especially important if components are to be overclocked because the components can easily overheat by the performance. Here, the above-mentioned HWMonitor Download reads Values ​​from the hard drive on their S.M.A.R.T. data.

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HWMonitor Download: operation of the program

After downloading HWMonitor, installation and starting the program, the program window will appear. Works here simply the menu to look at the values ​​of the individual components. In three columns, the current value, the minimum and maximum values ​​are displayed. The minimum and maximum Were can reset their with "View" and "Clear Min / Max". Also, you can the measured values ​​via "File" and "Save Monitoring Data" store Where HWMonitor uses its own text-based format called HWM here.


Additional programs that you provide information about your hardware, you will find diagnostic programs in the GIGA software category.

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HWMonitor is a clear-held tool that is ideal for users who want to overclock the components of their hardware.

  • Clear structure
  • suitable for overclocking purposes
  • No


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