Second profile on facebook: Is a Fake profile legal?

The terms of use of Facebook provide that each user only one allowed to create a profile. But there are several reasons why you would still like to open a second account and then the question arises whether we thus received any risks. To this article gives Enlightenment and beyond addresses the question of how to deal best with it, when you realize that someone as you spend with a fake account itself. 

Second profile on facebook: Is a Fake profile legal?

There are several occasions to consider whether a second profile on Facebook would be a sensible thing: you have to spy interests that you do not want to share with his regular circle of friends, we have fun, to think of a new identity, one wants undetected in other profiles &# 8211; to name just a few.

Second profile on Facebook: This is the legal side

The Facebook on such activities is allergic and is very striving to delete fake profiles or to force people to use their real names are now known, but commits to a criminally relevant fact, sometimes applying a second profile on Facebook?

  • IT specialist lawyers say only conditionally. It has, in principle legally irrelevant when someone is acting under a false name on the Internet and social networks. When completed but under that name or similar agreements legally binding obligations entered into, it can be seen as fraud or forgery and be punishable.
  • One can say that criminal significance is the Fake profile when her by suggestion, you were someone else get benefits that would not have received it, if the communication partner would have had knowledge of your true identity.

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  • Facebook has to delete your profile, due to its Terms of Use, the right if it is a fake profile. Normally you get it before a message, you will be asked in to provide your real name in the profile. Making it the not the result, the profile can be deleted.
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Creating a second profile on Facebook: So it is!

  1. The most important thing at the whole endeavor: a new e-mail address. The can you create you in any free email provider, it is critical that your address is as neutral as possible and designed is no evidence of your true identity.
  2. With this new address you lay now on a new Facebook account. Provides the privacy settings so that your e-mail address is not publicly visible.
  3. Should you intend to befriend you with your friends Only account again, is the easiest, if you befriends you with your old profile and adds the following proposals friends from Facebook.

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Fake profile on Facebook: Someone has stolen your identity

Not so rare, it happens that people steal the identity of someone else and open up with the personal details Fake profile on Facebook. This is often discovered by accident or by friends and acquaintances. this affects both people who have their own Facebook profile, but also some who are themselves not on Facebook.

Preventive you can to prevent that you turn your privacy settings designed as restrictive as possible. If the identity theft already done so, you have to log in Facebook the case immediately, as well as your friends are at risk of being ripped off by shady characters under your name.

  • You're Facebook users: Then you find on Facebook internal help page for instructions on how you can report the incident.
  • For those who do not have a FB profile, Facebook offers an extra help portal for private individuals and companies, can be reported on the scammers accounts.

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