Error 1603: Cause & amp; Solution for the & quot; serious installation errors & quot;

Of the &# 8220; severe Installation Error 1603&# 8243; usually occurs during the installation of Windows Installer packages or programs which they contain, on Windows 7th Since the error is rather non-specific, however, and can have various causes, there are also different approaches, which we will present to you in this guide. 

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If you when you install a program, the error message &# 8220; Error 1603: Fatal error during installation&# 8221; receive and then click the OK button, the installation is canceled. Even the repeated test always ends with this error message: So what to do? The 1603 error can have different causes and thus different approaches for the solution, we have summarized you the details below:

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error 1603 &# 8211; Admin rights

If your user account does not have the necessary administration rights, can the &# 8220; serious installation errors 1603&# 8243; show up and are then very easily solved usually. To install the respective program or the Windows Installer package, the following option attempts:

  1. Right-click on the setup file (.exe) of the program.
  2. now selects left-click option &# 8220; Run as administrator&# 8221; out.
    Error 1603 Run as administrator
  3. now trying as usual to carry out the installation process.

error 1603 &# 8211; Encrypted folders or replacement drive

When the installation with Amdinitrationsrechten fails and ends in 1603 error, you should check where the Windows Installer package to be installed. Installer packages should be installed on the primary hard drive here, where the operating system itself is installed.

The trial installation on an external drive or an encrypted folder can thus lead to the fault 1,603th If there is the possibility to change the file path, you should therefore leave or install the package in an unencrypted folder on the local hard disk the default path.

error 1603 &# 8211; Blocked by other programs

TinyWallIn some cases, a firewall or virus program can ensure that a program can not be installed. Checks whether these programs display a message. If you know that the program to install comes from a reliable source and does not contain malicious code, you can for the duration of the installation, quit the program that blocks the installation, thus causing the error 1,603th

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