One Piece: Games “Grand Cruise” for PSVR and “Dawn” in progress

As a Japanese magazine has revealed are two new "One Piece" games in progress. The one to the name "One Piece: Grand Cruise" wear and appear for the "virtual reality" glasses PlayStation VR. The other bears currently still code-named "Dawn" and is something "unprecedented" bring to the table.

Recently, the Deluxe Edition of the game One Piece was: Unlimited World Red announced, but apparently "One Piece" enthusiasts still have a lot to which they can look forward in the future. As the Japanese magazine Weekly Jump has announced according to the website Gematsu, are just two new games in development. The one to be a "virtual reality" experience for PlayStation are VR and the title of "One Piece: Grand Cruise" carry. The other is only known by the code name "Dawn".

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Information about Grand Cruise are still few and far between, but images in said magazine showed apparently exploring a ship. A demo will be under the "One Piece Tower Tokyo" event on July 22, 2017 to eight players simultaneously an insight into the game. Until there are other tangible information, so it should probably not take too long - when the game is intended for which platforms appear, is still unknown.

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However, even less is known about the ominous "Dawn" project, which apparently is a collaboration of the publisher Shueisha, Toei Animation studio and the publisher Bandai Namco. It should be seen before a complicated, huge and "never &# 8216; One Piece&action game "with music and scenes from the anime; #. 8217 The "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda should also be involved in the development. when to expect tangible information on this project and when or for which platforms the game will appear, it is currently unclear.



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