So you can send with Google Chrome Links

With Google Chrome, the search engine company proves that they not only know how to establish a powerful search engine in the world of the World Wide Web, but give users the same versatile browser to do so. You also want to share his wanderings one or the other web site with his colleagues. Thus, it makes sense to Google Chrome to send a link.

However, in contrast to competitors from the house of Mozilla, the Firefox browser, there is no built-in feature in Google Chrome to add a link for. to send as directly via e-mail. With some effort, the function on Google Chrome is to send a link, however, quickly installed.

Send Google Chrome link via bookmarks

Control initially via the toolbar from Google Chrome the Chrome menu. There are selected using "bookmark" the bookmark manager. Right-click in the new window you can create a new bookmark in Google Chrome. Select "Add page" and enter the new bookmark an appropriate title such. "Send Google Chrome Link" B.. In the URL line is then added the following command:

After the bookmark is a decorated e-mail program of the computer is opened. If there is no program to send emails enabled on Windows, calling the bookmark without result remains. In the e-mail this information as the page title and the current URL of the page taken.

Send Google Chrome Link screenshot

Send Google Chrome extension link

Alternatively, to set up in Google Chrome an appropriate extension to send links. To do this click on the button to the right of the address bar "Tools&# 8221; > &# 8220; Extensions ". If one looks for a matching extension, for. B. "Email this Page (by Google)". By clicking on the area, "adding," the extension is enabled in your browser. Visible is the extension based on the envelope icon to the right of the address bar. There, whether for e-mailing a decorated e-mail program can be individually adjusted, such. As Outlook to be used or whether Google Chrome will send the link an operational Gmail mailbox.

Send Google Chrome Link screenshot

Now, you will access the bookmark created as soon as one is on a web site, the contents of which one would like to inform other users and send the URL by e-mail. The URL is entered as text, the page title in the email subject field.


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