What’s Tumblr – and how can I use it?

You could see Tumblr as a kind of blogging platform that specializes in setting and endless rumination short blog posts and images. For the publication of a long, structured products and a categorization of items, the service is not suitable.

What's Tumblr - and how can I use it?

Bit of a problem with this form of the so-called Micro blogging is thus very common copyright infringement as well as the task of its own rights. The majority of the users of Tumblr is aged between 13 and 22 years. Originally founded in 2007 by two young boys, Tumblr was purchased in spring 2013 from Yahoo for about 990 million dollars.

What is Tumblr and how it differs from other blogs?

Tumblr is a so-called micro-blogging service. Unlike the usual blogs that place great emphasis on categories, structure and rich content can be compared Tumblr rather with an SMS that is sent into the net without consideration of interest or answers.

tumblr suitcase berlinWhat is Tumblr other than a photo album, a service for short statements?

In a few minutes you have logged his own Tumblr account and can get started immediately afterwards. Indeed, one could post relatively extensive texts and provide them with photos and formatting, but that hardly anyone uses. Here is more about short statements. Here is a photo as a flapsiger saying and sometimes videos. But above all, thrives on Tumblr &Reblogging; # 8220&# 8221 ;. You see a message like one and clicks Reblogging. Then this message appears as a posting on on your own Tumblr page. And if you like it again someone, then he can recycle it.

new tumblrFrom time to time someone writes something of their own and then it is recycled over and over again

is simultaneously the stimulus and the problem of Tumblr in this Reblog. Because the service assumes &# 8211; and can this also approve in the terms that the original online disk of photos, videos or text has the exploitation rights to the posted. And not only that: With his posting he granted to all other to take his works and reuse them the right. Of course one can assume that the majority of postings from &Webfunden; # 8220&# 8221; consists. From stolen and recycled content. which is probably only when the first copyright processes are running really problematic.

This too is Tumblr: Some of my favorite Tumblr blogs

Great site! We all know these contemporaries who have to make a picture of it before the first bite of their meal only to show it to the world. This site goes a step further: it published photos of people take pictures of the food.

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

kimjonggucktWhat is Tumblr? In any case, hours of fun! Kim Jong Il looking at things ...

The North Korean press may publish mainly photographs showing the currently active dictator of the dynasty looks at some things. On this page we only see pictures of Kim Jong Il, who just anything can be presented with a stony face.

Kim Jong Il looking at things

That Tumblr is also used for critical policy debate, for example, shows the blog &# 8220; Well done, FDP&# 8220 ;. At least makes more thoughtful than the actual election posters of the parties.

A very funny concept pursues the side &# 8220; Spiegel Online Headlines&# 8220 ;. It does nothing more than display the funniest headline of Spiegel Online and link. We find gems as: &# 8220; corpse robbery on behalf of the bomb&# 8221; or &# 8220; six tons Krawumm&# 8221 ;.

And do not forget: Chantalismus. The microblog for those who suffer from the Chantal, Kevin and Justin Jerome and wonder where our society is developing? To a generation of full body tattooed grandparents with comic double name?


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