Comment: That’s why there will be no Galaxy Note 8

After weeks of reports to explode Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the biggest mobile drama in recent years has found today with the announcement of the sale and production stops the unit with terrors. Many fans of the product line hoping consistently been that a Galaxy Note 8 calm things down - but Samsung is one such ever bring to market in 2017?

Comment: That's why there will be no Galaxy Note 8

To this end, a quick look into the past: Like most Samsung fans probably know, was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is actually not the first model of the series that has been denied to users in Europe. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 namely, the South Korean manufacturer decided to give European users a model with pen to choose from. Instead, they had to take with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + be content. The reason was apparently that Samsung not assessed the demand in Europe for devices with a stylus too high as with the experiment a direct comparison between the European market and the rest of the world - where the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was freely available - Pull wanted ,

The Galaxy Note 5 never made it to us in Europe.The Galaxy Note 5 never made it to us in Europe.

has made public the results of this run not, apparently Samsung but probably had relented and decided to the next model of the Note series - rumored yet Galaxy at the time as Samsung Note 6 - to bring globally to market. To bring it into line with the prestigious Galaxy S models and not to confuse the customer, we also decided to skip the digit 6 and to provide the next model of the Note series with the number. 7

The Cursed 7


While the estimated 7 by many (superstitious) people as a lucky number, has the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - as surely everyone has noticed in the context of comprehensive reporting on the Internet, on TV and even various newspapers - developed into a total disaster for Samsung. The reports of exploding batteries and fire piled up within a short time and forced the company to take a stand.

After an initial recall seemed the problem professionally and consistently to have been resolved by the manufacturer, but when then also aufgingen the first replacement units in flames, everyone knew that the child has fallen into the well and the Galaxy Note 7 branded in the truest sense of the word , Colleague Frank has set itself apart before nearly a month with the problem of the resulting image damage and predicted that Samsung would have no choice but to wear than the Note 7 to the grave.

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With the Galaxy Note 7 of the good reputation of the entire series in flames went on

When the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 came on the market, no one expected the spectacular success it should have. It is also considered the phablet that the increase in smartphone displays has accelerated.When the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 came on the market, no one expected the spectacular success it should have. It is also considered the phablet that the increase in smartphone displays has stepped in general.

The grade devices from Samsung always distinguished by a number of core features, of which the S-Pen represented only the most obvious. A large screen, high-end specifications that put even the Galaxy S models in the shade and innovative (although not always really practical) software functions were also among them. In principle, one could always recommend every user who was looking for a real working tool and not before afraid, they want to live a little bigger smartphone with the Galaxy Note.

From the first Galaxy Note up to the Galaxy Note 4, the enthusiasm among the fans was almost unbroken - although it probably always acted just in Europe only to a relatively small group of customers to whom even the Galaxy S models were too feeble or on the S-Pen passed. First clear symptoms There were then some but the Galaxy Note 5 from the camp of loyal fans. This shone not only in Europe by its absence, but lacked even a replaceable battery and a microSD slot. Not for nothing the Galaxy Note 4 counts for many fans of the series is still considered the best model.

Samsung galaxy-note-4-headerThe Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still the best model of the series for many.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 everything should be better: IP certification, a significantly revised design and expandable memory should offer new incentives. But after the presentation of the note nostalgia was a little faded for many users. The smartphone market has changed significantly in recent years and even much cheaper devices like the OnePlus 3 offer similar impressive hardware at a lower price. Only the S-Pen remained the unique feature of the Note 7 - but could also on the battery-disaster ultimately change nothing. The reputational damage is a massive problem not only for Samsung, but also the Galaxy Note series in itself and it's time for Samsung to take the consequences.

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Samsung is well advised to follow a change in image

A Galaxy Note 8 is likely to be, with a grade of equipment now is in view of the negative connotation, thus not come on the market. Samsung will now never again a smartphone with S-Pen put on the market? Certainly, as long as the demand is not big enough. If you look around in the comments of our readers, it is noted that quite a few note-7 owners have kept to the bitter end to their device - regardless of all the reports about exploding batteries. In our review, we were able to keep as a conclusion that it is one of the best - if not the best &# 8211; Android smartphone is on the market, the battery scandal, unfortunately, proved fatal.

Nevertheless Another note-model it will probably not happen. Instead, the South Koreans are likely to engage in the marketing bag of tricks and come up with a new name for the next model with S-Pen - such as Samsung Galaxy S8 Pen, Samsung Galaxy Pro S8 or the like. Since the note series in many regions - including Europe - to Note 4 could not really get out of the niche, the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected 7 solely as the smartphone that exploded, to be known among customers. This is a branding, the Samsung really can not use - and probably should ensure that the once glorious note-series comes to an end.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the next S-Pen smartphone from Samsung and hope that the quality of Samsung from the mistakes learned it.

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