Fritz! Box Traffic Download

The Fritz! Box traffic download gives you a lightweight program that allows a small window will appear on your desktop, with which her up and downstream of your Fritz! Box can always keep in mind.

After this Download Fritz! Box Traffic unpacks her the downloaded zip file and starts the extracted EXE file. Once the small program window appears on your desktop and shows you both upstream and downstream of your Fitz! Box. The tool requires no installation, so you can ship it on a USB stick and run on any computer on demand.

Fritz! Box traffic

Fritz! Box traffic Download: Configuration of the program window

To box traffic to configure the Fritz! Download their leads right clicking through to the program window. then in the context menu that opens you are the entries "Always on Top", "Locked", "Settings" and "Close" are available. "Always on Top" causes the Fritz! Box traffic window is not covered by other program windows. With the option "Locked" it determines that the program can not be moved, which is not activated option simply drag & Drop works.

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In the settings of Fritz! Box traffic you can enter and set the refresh rate of the traffic display including the name or IP of your Fritz! Box. Furthermore, you can the size of the program window continuously change and determine maximum values ​​of the traffic scales. In addition, you have the chance, the colors of all elements of Fritz box! define traffic. Using "Reset" can reset their all settings. "Close" closes the program window.

  • lightweight
  • highly configurable
  • English only

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