PowerPoint templates with style: The 5 best sources

PowerPoint is an indispensable work tool, for others a torture for. So it need not be so, we looked around times for the best sources for PowerPoint templates.

PowerPoint templates with style: The 5 best sources

A PowerPoint presentation stands and falls with the quality of the design used. However, they are mostly meant rather to act as a vehicle for reclaimed data and are not necessarily used by gifted designers. To resolve this contradiction, one can resort to prepared PowerPoint templates that exist on the net en masse &# 8211; often for free. We once researched where you can find really great templates and download.

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tap PowerPoint templates from the manufacturer: Tip 1

PowerPoint is from Microsoft and you should assume that the are familiar with it. So it should be there but also give decent templates, right? And just as it is. The PowerPoint creators have made a special page for PowerPoint templates on the web, where we find a lot of free templates, view and to download.

ms powerpoint templates onlineMicrosoft offers us hundreds of free PowerPoint templates

The templates are all very mature and sorted by categories. There is always a small preview and a description of each download. Each of these templates may be freely used &# 8211; including possibly used photos.

We should not forget that we can directly in the program since PowerPoint 2010 download templates on the computer. In the File New menu is located next to its own templates a division called Office.com templates. And there we can &# 8211; also sorted by category &# 8211; browse the free PowerPoint templates from Microsoft.

Pros and cons

Pro: Free, mature, freely usable

When using high recognition value all the same sources: Contra


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