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In the open-world sandbox game Scrap Mechanic your imagination knows no limits and you can watch the wildest designs tinker as a mechanic to fly or with them across the country to drive. The physical and mechanical calculations of the engine make it possible.

scrap MechanicdownloadQR codescrap MechanicDeveloper: aXolot GamesPrice: € 19.99

Scrap Mechanic: Can you take that?

As a robot mechanic you are in scrap Mechanic stranded on a planet where you should initially take over the monitoring of worker robots. However, these are out of control and now you have on this alien planet survive and use your useful tools for the construction of vehicles, with which you may again find his way home.

Of a number of more than 100 different components you can in scrap Mechanic choose to construct your own vehicles or even to build mobile homes. This makes her either alone or you do you with other engineers in Multiplayer sandbox game together. Builds you as its own AT-AT or an airplane.

Scrap Mechanic: your imagination has no limits in the construction. However, your constructions obey physical laws.

Try before. Although you also have a useful manual by you have some plans and instructions for the construction of vehicles, but you succeed the best creations by trial and error. Thinks the construction of the laws of physics and if you do not like a creation, you zerdeppert them unceremoniously back with your sledgehammer and tries again.

Release and platforms

scrap Mechanic located since January 20 in the Early Access period on Steam and is only playable on the PC.

Scrap Mechanic: The sledgehammer is in play to your best friend.

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