Fitness Armband for iPhone: Spoiled for choice

With the fitness band for the iPhone in the healthy future: Or so the motto of many Apple users might have looked like the beginning of the year. But what fitness bracelets are iOS friends at all to choose from? We clarify and tell you in the next purchase advice.

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Fitness wristbands are currently in various shapes, colors and Run. For iPhone owners towers over all the Apple Watch. It can also be used as a fitness tracker and is most closely intertwined with iOS. But in addition, there are other products that can take place on the iPhone or iPad with the right app also - what we tell you below. Regardless of the operating system of your smartphone, but you can also look at our Fitness Bracelet test subject and see if there is a suitable model for you there. Who is more in search of a proper sports or GPS watch, may find here something suitable: GPS watch and fitness bracelet: Finding the right path.

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Fitness Armband for iPhone: The Apple Watch


The Apple Watch to drop under the table because it is not a "classic" fitness bracelet, probably would be tantamount to treason. With the Health app iOS provides a detailed and comprehensive sports and activity-HUB, the Apple Watch fits perfectly into its surroundings. While the Apple Watch does not have integrated GPS sensor, but it should anyway always be connected to the iPhone in order to unfold their full functionality. Also handy: An integrated heart rate monitor calculates your heart rate. The functions of the Apple Watch at a glance:

  • Sit down goals for your current training and retain your best performances from the past at a glance.
  • Different sports selectable
  • Detailed statistics and activity reports
  • Daily Activity Tracker, which measures how many steps is it and how often gets up and moves you
  • Syncs with many popular fitness apps

In addition to sports functions, the Apple Watch is also a full-blown SmartWatch shows you messages and notifications to, it makes you answer with Siri, has you the way and with many different bracelets even to fashion accessory. Look here at the alternative bracelets Apple Watch. So that it is indeed the most versatile device that we present, but by far the most expensive. Just for the sports features, the purchase of Apple Watch is not worthwhile.

Fitness wristbands and the iPhone: The broad field of competitors

fitbit-surge-tracker gps watch

The presented in connection Fitness Tracker can synchronize over the iPhone because they have a compatible iOS app. None of the following Tracker is however so deeply integrated into iOS as the Apple Watch. Who for Apple's smartwatch but do not attack so deep into their pockets, can save a lot of money with the following devices:

  • Polar Loop 2 from Amazon *
  • Fitbit Surge Amazon *
  • Jawbone UP 3 on Amazon *
  • Garmin VivoActive Amazon *

All these fitness bracelets and watches gets her now for well below 250 euros. Fitbit Surge and Garmin VivoActive even benefit from a separate GPS sensor that makes the recording of runs, walks and bike rides in more detail. Jawbone and the Loop 2 of Polar are not for the best options, but also focus fully on the daily tracking of activities and provide an overview of steps spilled. All trackers are at least splash-proof also - so with sweat or rain Husche you need not fear when training. Especially former would probably be fatal.

The right fitness bracelet for the iPhone

The selection is great - if you introduce yourself the question, what is the right bracelet for you, you are with us to the right place. In the following articles you will find an overview of fitness trackers that may appeal to you,

  • Fitness wristbands at a glance: pedometer and sleep monitoring on wrist
  • Fitness Tracker and the pulse: These devices measure your pulse on your wrist
  • Fitness Tracker Waterproof: With these devices it works

iPhone 6s with contract with*


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