Marshall Major headphones II in the test: Rock’n’Roll for the ears

With the Major II Manufacturer Marshall delivers the successor to its successful on-ear headphones. Whether this can do more than just look good, you learn in the following review. 

Marshall Major headphones II in the test: Rock'n'Roll for the ears

The range of headphones is very large, the decision at the right model can therefore be quite difficult circumstances. The important fact in all but one thing: the sound. However, this is always inferior to a somewhat subjective perception. Especially in terms of design but Marshall is a very unique way and also builds the Major II a pair of headphones that can be assigned clearly to the brand and especially to the classical guitar amplifiers of the company that has been known since the 1960s. For some, this is expected to greatly facilitate the selection because headphones are now indeed no longer bought solely because of their sound, but also because of their appearance.

Marshall Major II: Data Sheet

  • Design: On-Ear Headphones
  • Conversion: 40 mm, dynamic
  • Impedance: 64 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz-20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 mV at 1 kHz = 99 dB SPL
  • Connection: 3.5 mm, gold-plated

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Marshall Major II: The Design

Here is every rock'n'roll. I myself have even played sometimes electric guitar in a punk band and am therefore still very pleased that the classic design has found its way into the headphone line from Marshall.

While most headphones have round ears, Marshall sets as its predecessor and the Major II rather square, rounded handset. The color scheme of the model "Pitch Black" (ie, as "pitch black" or "pitch black") is called and the name says it all. Most of the Major II is black, some details such as the two jacks, the "Left" and "Right" -Plaketten and the text inside the headband are in gold. No real natural. Only the distinctive brand logo on the outside of the headset is white and thus forms a contrast to the rest of the product - classic Marshall flat.

Although much of the material used is reminiscent of leather, these are yet to plastic. This is nothing negative, because you have not so sure to place animal skin on the head, to listen to music. The earpieces themselves are suspended on metal brackets that are mounted on your part in plastic frames. Although remember this visually also of metal (not least because of their color), but are still made of plastic, which is a pity.

Friends of the spiral cable will not be disappointed, because the Major II such comes with integrated remote control used. This not only looks after the studio made, but also has a practical background, because it does not come so easily to the clutter of wires. Speaking practically: To transport the Major II can be folded quickly and easily stowed. The reinforced bracket was revised slightly, in contrast to its predecessor, so that is now more stable and is thus bendable without breaking.

Gallery Marshall Major II

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Marshall Major II: The sound

Of course, the appearance of headphones is very important nowadays, but not all. For those who really "hear" music (and not only want to look as if) So of course, has the sound of the highest priority.

The Major II looks good again, if lacking a little sound in the middle for me. The basses are neat and make electronic music and rap a lot of pressure, while being careful not to flood all other frequencies. Crisp bass are important, oh yes. I can also imagine that the bass have heard, is a bit too much here but me. Personally, however, like the still very good because it just is not just a bass, but also.

In more rock / analog music (for testing purposes I Pantera, Machine Head, Solstice and the like belongs) affects the sound still somewhat more balanced. So exactly what one would have expected by purely optical Major II. Only the centers could still be a bit more pronounced here.

Compromises you have to make then, however, when one especially sounds rather sedate and sonically complex music. Here I had the feeling that some facets of what is heard just be lost and disappear in the background.

To say the Major II would be a neutral headphones would be leaning a little far out of the window, all in all, makes the successor in a wide variety of musical styles a very good figure and thus makes for a pleasant listening experience with balanced sound.

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