Tinder App: Login with and without Facebook connection

Who is looking for a romantic adventure or even the love of his life, gets to the smartphone, some funds on hand that can facilitate the search for amorous adventures. Find out here how you can you log on Tinder and whether a Facebook account is required for this.

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One of those ways is the Mobile App Tinder, which aims to facilitate getting to know people in the area and this can produce the occasional flirtation.

Tinder: Login without Facebook &# 8211; Is that possible?

The download of Tinder is free. Do you even have the app installed, the account must be created. the combination of Tinder with Facebook is not required for account creation. Anyone who wants to create a Tinder account without Facebook, may at his register mobile phone.

Simply select the start of the app "Login with phone":


Then to upload your Enter mobile number, to the in some cases, a verification code is sent.


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combine Tinder app with Facebook

You can also pick just about Facebook Tinder login. Thanks to the link all your data is equal taken from the social network, so you must not bring a great deal of time for the new Tinder account.

  • Downside, of course in this case, that you present your private Facebook data the Tinder-makers give their hands.
  • In particular, your Likes and the geographical location be evaluated for the Tinder use.
  • However, you must not expect messages by Tinder appear on your Facebook profile.
  • Who the dating app so secretly wants to use, does not need to worry about is that the use is shared on his Facebook timeline.
  • Based on the "Like" indications of Facebook can search Tinder matching chat partner

Now we can start with the flirting:

  • After setting up the Tinder accounts can you different Tinder's profile Find.
  • You get this only Older and the first name and the profile Photo To see other Tinder users.
  • The two main goals Tinder users from your perimeter displayed.
  • On the basis of the first impression you can decide if you're interested in the shown person.
  • two users find each other interesting and "liken"Itself, the call can be opened. So only calls between users are enabled at Tinder who find each other attractive or interesting.

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On the next page you will find information, wait what experience and problems in the use of Tinder on you. In addition, there are the instructions on how to completely delete the app again if the virtual Flirt pleasure but it is not the real thing. We also introduce you to a Tinder alternative.


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