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After much too long wait The Last Guardian will now finally on the PlayStation 4 and sends you in the form of a little boy on an epic adventure in which you will be accompanied by the faithful mythical creature called Trico. In connection with Trico here are also the most successful and trophies of the game. We show you all Achievements with their activation conditions.

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The Last Guardian appears and we no longer have trust in the test from the year 2084 you. The long-awaited project of the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus promises to be an equally emotional fantasy adventure in which you also Unlock many trophies can. More we tell you the following guide. Shipyard also look at the editions of The Last Guardian, if you have not yet decided you for your version.
2824The Last Guardian in the test

The Last Guardian: trophies Overview

Overall, you can in the game Unlock 24 trophies. The most hang Trophies with the mythical creatures Trico together. So you have to paint around his whole body, to hold you in dangerous situations on his tail or catch him in an embarrassing moment when he has to make it easier. is particularly difficult probably the Speedrun Trophy are, in their The Last Guardian complete in under five hours need.


The game includes no hidden or secret trophies. A glance at the following Guide to the activation conditions So do not run their risk of spoiling you. We will expand the table in the future with helpful guides and videos to individual trophies. so check every now and then.

the-last-guardian-1The Last Guardianplatinum-final
Collect all other trophies.
Despite-of-remote-1Despite the distancebronze-final
Play the game to the end.
Flash messenger-1Lightning messengergold-final
Reached the end in a maximum of 5 hours.
lightfooted-messenger-1light-footed messengersilver-final
Reaches the end in a maximum of 15 hours.
Despite-of-remote-1swifter messengerbronze-final
Reached the end in a maximum of 30 hours.
Flash messenger-1inviolable messengergold-final
Reached the end without "game lost."
Flash messenger-1Fullygold-final
Give Trico each barrel.
lightfooted-messenger-1Everything discussedsilver-final
Hear every note.
Collect all the costumes of the boys and it attracts.
Despite-of-remote-1The sitting!bronze-final
Meet at least armor with 20 barrels or vessels.
Flash messenger-1If he had not growngold-final
Defeat armor at least 10 by removal of their heads.
lightfooted-messenger-1Get away from me!silver-final
Clings to you 30 Seconds or longer on the back of a defense.
Defeat at least 20 armor with Tricos flash.
Despite-of-remote-1At the last secondbronze-final
Let Trico least 20 armor defeat while carrying the boy.
lightfooted-messenger-1My little Fabeltiersilver-final
Painted Tricos whole body.
Despite-of-remote-1Practice creates mastersbronze-final
Let Trico 20 or more times catch a barrel thrown in the air.
Flash messenger-1The call of naturegold-final
caught Trico &# 8230; the awkward moment.
lightfooted-messenger-1Barrels balancesilver-final
Move it at least 10 feet and carry it at least two stacked barrels.
Flash messenger-1To keep movinggold-final
Trico departs 3 or more minutes if it is wild in the antenna space.
Despite-of-remote-1broad backbronze-final
Lands on Trico after you were thrown out of a car.
Touches all enemy animals.
Flash messenger-1emergency Helpgold-final
Removed as quickly as possible all the spears from Trico.
Let Trico look into each hole.
Save yourself while falling at least 10 times by Tricos tail.

The Last Guardian in the test Friendship with obstacles

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