Nintendo MH: Analysts speculate about new handheld

The report by analysts not only the NX, but also its own Nintendo handheld is mentioned with the name "MH". However, there is from the other side also doubt that it is in &# 8220; MH&# 8221; is a real console.

Nintendo NX Controller LeakUnfortunately, this idea for a handheld controller of NX were just a fake. Source: Reddit

Lately, there seems to be more rumors than official confirmation on the future plans of the Japanese video game giant Nintendo. And these days makes a new alleged novelty their round. This is to the handheld "MH", who recently was mentioned in an analyst report the Japanese investment bank Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities. It states BlackKite according to the translation of Twitter users:

"The course of economic growth has been as of the date new business models &# 8216; health services, theme parks and mobile games&8217; back to the video game console of the next generation NX and the new portable video game console MH (provisional name) moved. "

This in turn would mean that it is rather not, as expected, is in the NX both a stationary and a portable console. However, Twitter users and analysis suggested Dr. Serkan Toto, who recently speculated about Resident Evil 7 that it is intended to be a fictional scenario of the bank. Such an approach could be observed frequently by analysts and investors, but have no basis on real insider knowledge.

On a user's demand he replies that this is obviously the same kind of speculation is still about four years as an analyst Michael Pachter announced a Wii HD - except Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities would have a true &# 8216; Scoop&8217; landed. Of which was loud Toto but rather not go out.

Another thing that speaks against the "MH". Recently, Nintendo has invested heavily in the New Nintendo 3DS and announced new models, since it would be very counter-productive to work on a new handheld in this context.

Here you can the New Nintendo 3DS XL order*

Nintendo would probably not imagine the new console NX by his own admission at E3, but only at the Tokyo Game Show in September. It will be interesting to see if the rumor of "MH" rather confirmed there or this is indeed just that: a rumor.

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