Application letter: use pattern in Word and arrive safely

Depending on which place you want to apply their &# 8211; Internship, training or new job &# 8211; must fundamentally always consider her a few important factors that you may well arrive at your prospective employer. We have culled some cover letter sample for you that should help you with the first step.

Application letter: use pattern in Word and arrive safely

A cover letter is, if you do not yet have the necessary reputation it deserves in the industry want to work it in the business card as a candidate. With phrases and phrases you fall quickly back under and floats to the ground, landing on pile A for storage. but with the necessary pattern for your cover letter you prick out and can easily score points. We tell you how to do it.

The application letter: pattern templates and tips

The cover letter is not just a text that provides information about your ambition that you want to enter in a company, it is also the first working sample that can early arouse interest and provides information about you as a person and potential employees.

Application letter patterns in Word

cover letter template wordHas its Microsoft Word, you can via the built-in templates function when creating a new document simply a template for a letter of application download and use.

  1. Open in Microsoft Word a new document file > New
  2. Give the top of the search window simply letter of application and starts the search
  3. Microsoft Office Online then spits out the most relevant results from you
  4. Selects the most appealing template and click the bottom right of Download

However, do not take the documents from Word out as a non plus ultra. Oriented you because it changes so much that the recruiter does not see right away that you have taken for a letter of a pattern.

Useful Application Templates

Have you no word on the computer or want far as possible from the templates from Microsoft work, you can also try one of the tools we tested:

  • To download:creative applications
  • To download:Bewerbungs-Master PRO


On page 2 you learn more tips on what you need to consider when cover letter and how it is well received.


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