VHS digitialisieren: from the cassette to the PC and hard drive

In the eighties and early nineties films were still stored on thick, big, bulky tapes to then play in a day clunky acting box. Who wants to safeguard its ancient treasures and wants to watch movies from videotapes today can digitize the contents of a VHS.

VHS digitialisieren: from the cassette to the PC and hard drive

So you can leave the old recordings that children's videos or antique, no longer available today treasures from VHS digitized stored on the hard drive to the video then z. to burn as DVD or to send to your smartphone.

VHS digitialisieren via USB and program on Windows

vhs usb grabberEven when the cartridge is still running properly and you have a VHS player in the living room, you should think about letting digitize VHS, finally, the old cassettes have their limited life. In expert circles the life of VHS tapes is given as 20 to a maximum of 35 years. VHS tapes, which were collected mid-nineties, that come already in the critical age. Old holiday videos etc. should therefore slowly but surely, are stored in digital form. In addition to the retention of the old visual treasures the VHS Digitization also has other advantages:

  • So you can dispose of your your old VHS collection or let a mad collector, thus creating a lot of space in the living room.
  • The sale of the old VHS video recorder you can get into their pockets a few euros.
  • All video, movies and old memories you have removed with a mouse click from the screen.
  • Videos can still edit on the hard disk.
  • With a few simple steps can thus be a bright shiny video from an old, dimly lit ham again.

So you can digitialisieren a VHS

The easiest way you can digitize the VHS via USB hardware *VHS digitialisieren: from the cassette to the PC and hard drive. For this one includes an AD converter to the USB port on the PC and the video and audio connector on the video device. The VHS signal is then converted into a digital format and forwarded to the PC. With an additional software you can the converted VHS video then save and view or edit. The software is usually at the VHS USB stick with the same at. After installation and setup of the video can be played back from the cassette to store it on the hard disk in digital form.

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honestech-vhs dvd

VHS digitialisieren: from cassette to disk

Anyone with a computer with video input (video capture card) can also use the VLC Media Player to to save cassette digital. Connects the VHS player to the audio / video input on the PC and launch the VLC Media Player.

  1. Opens the "Media" section.
  2. Selects the "Open recording device" option.
  3. For the recording mode "Direct Show" is selected -
  4. In "Video device name" it selects the video input in "Audio device name" also.
  5. In the "Advanced Options" it sets up the standard Vide "PAL_D".
  6. Click "OK" to accept the settings.
  7. With "Play" is started on the PC, the VHS recording.
  8. At the same time, of course, you have to play the movie on VHS recorder.
  9. You can find "Settings" under "Input -" Tools " & Codecs "in which to find the digital VHS recording the folder" in the "Recording directory or file name.

VHS digitialisieren: from cassette to disk

  • Who wants from VHS device does not separate his videos but still would like to digitize for the future, may use a VHS-DVD recorder.
  • Here, the picture and sound content can be transferred from the video tape to a DVD disc.
  • However, these devices include *VHS digitialisieren: from the cassette to the PC and hard drive already gradually to ancient technology.
  • In addition, the VHS-DVD recorder is not cheap.
  • However, for it is omitted here usually a long and complicated configuration for the VHS digitization.
  • The VHS-DVD player can play all the shots with one press of a button from one disk to CD / DVD.
  • Moreover, some devices offer the option of 1: 1 copies of VHS tapes to create.
  • Here, the video is first transferred from VHS to DVD, and then transfer it to a new blank cassette.

vhs dvd recorder

With us you also learn how to digitize records.

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