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Also, the Windows Task Manager can show us processes. But to Process Lasso also shows us the memory usage and helps to direct memory hogs in their limits.

Process Lasso should not be confused with the Task Manager. Of course, the tool shows us the current and active processes, and they can also end, but there the similarities end already. Because this program is designed to manage the memory usage of processes and regulate extremely memory-hungry applications.

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Why Process Lasso offers not just a one-click optimization

There are several programs that promise us a memory optimization for Windows with one click. Click once, and already the main memory is freed of all applications that were already completed, but have not withdrawn properly. PC experts are divided on the real benefits of such tools.

Process Lasso gives us detailed information about the memory usage of our programsProcess Lasso gives us detailed information about the memory usage of our programs

The Windows memory optimization Process Lasso is a very different path. It offers us, although not a quick fix with a click of a &# 8220; Optimize button&# 8221; to, but but the total control of all processes of our system. So if there are programs that need to run absolutely, but not with the same memory usage rights of other applications, we screw the power simply something down.

For this purpose, you can give a higher or lower program rights in the use of memory allocation, assign it to all or only selected CPU cores and increase or different priorities globally set lower. In this way we can about a game or graphics program assure a lot of power, while processes Google update only allowed to work times as if just nobody needs another memory.

Thus Process Lasso memory and battery power saving

As a by Process Lasso can, of course, but the memory &# 8220; optimize&# 8221 ;. But the manual settings are there far more sophisticated. The so-called IdleSaver the tool can provide the maximum power, for example, all programs, as long as the users are active, but miss a memory Diet to rest all background processes and just about on a notebook save energy.

With Process Lasso, we have different priorities to the individual processesWith Process Lasso, we have different priorities to the individual processes

Process Lasso is shareware. So there is the downloadable here free version and a Pro version that offers some additional features. Before that, however, strikes, you should first explore all possibilities of freeware. Because many features are also there already and the special features are more for real experts and hard-core gamers or graphic artist. During a 14-day trial period, we can try all options of the program. Who then after that need special settings, which are around $ 33 for the home version.

Process Lasso 64 bit and 32 bit

Process Lasso is available in two different versions. Aktuelleer Windows Versioen such as Windows 8 or Windows 10 to work with Process Lasso 64 bits. Those who still works with Windows XP, should install Process Lasso as 32-bit version. You can select the version by your ride with the mouse over the i in download button.


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