call it quits – but how? 12 tips to make it a happy ending!

break up is not a pleasant thing &# 8211; for all involved. This report is about how you can make the inevitable as pleasant as possible &# 8211; although the end of a love of course is rarely pleasant. In most cases, however, the person feels that put an end, better and should be careful not more than necessary to violate the imminent ex-partner. Tips for you read here!

call it quits - but how? 12 tips to make it a happy ending!

There are very different reasons, the relationship with the partner to end &# 8211; maybe you have someone new come to know or want a new beginning unbound, perhaps you treated the partner poorly or you have grown apart you &# 8211; and it also depends on the way may be different, as her best ends the partnership.

A separation without guilt &# 8211; Is that possible?

People change their attitudes, attitudes and plans are subject to constant change, as well as their feelings. Respect and loyalty should be present in a relationship and play a crucial role in the separation. It is particularly difficult to make the final if the other is very surprised by this decision and does not correspond to his feelings and opinions. If you know this, you should schedule a lot of time and also give the room the other person, it needs to come to terms with your decision and make friends. Some should you note in advance so you do not feel you owe later:

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  • honesty: Not to call someone the real reasons for the separation, is common. Have you re in love you or disappointed you partner? The other person has a right to get informed of the truth and not to be lied to. It hurts terribly when her advanced reasons calls because you are too cowardly to stand by the facts and then as the truth comes through mutual friends or the chance to light.
  • feelings: Suggests the other person no feelings that you have no longer for them. This includes making the proposal to be friends, even though you already know that you do not want that at all.
  • Loyalty and respectThat what is said in the exit interview is often influenced by strong emotions and emotional outbursts. It should therefore remain among you and will not be flogged in your circle of friends. This also means that the partner best experiences as the first of your idea. Of course you can also advance the cause discuss it with others, but you should make sure at all costs that the partner is not informed by others about your final Mach plans.

If you deal empathetically with the other, as he / she deserved it &# 8211; no matter how it to him / her is now &# 8211; do you need to feel you not guilty or responsible. &# 8220; Love is a strange game&# 8221 ;, which is sometimes very painful &# 8211; But one does not go without the other.

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Separation between man and woman man goes away woman is left alone

put an end: a special case dependente relationship disorder

How and who we will love also determined by our socialization. A relationship patterns that separation can complicate enormously even harmful partners, is the so-called dependente relationship disorder. Search this pattern arrested people often partners that they need help or think that they have to help them. broken down to a simple formula the focal point of such relationships: Love goes by, power remains. Since it can not be fully addressed the problem at this point, take place at this point only three urgent recommendations:

Meme dependente relationships

  1. Your life belongs to you! You are not responsible for the destruction of another person. Especially since you should keep in mind that the person in question even before your time has been able to cope with life and this can create without you again &# 8211; without your physical and emotional attention.
  2. Even if you miss the person or yearn for her, this must be a sign that you must have in your life. Experiences of violence and deep humiliation can not simply erase itself, so you should not make the mistake and endure something that you damage the long term. Even if you can understand the actions of the person and apologize, they remain wrong!
  3. If you realize that you do not manage to end the relationship on their own, get yourself outside help! Dependente patterns can be stronger or weaker, you are therefore not equal &# 8220; disturbed&# 8221 ;.

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Proverbs goodbye for WhatsApp, Facebook and Co.

15 tips for ending a partnership

Separation is an end, but also a new beginning. As discussed above, you should give the opportunity to the other person to understand your resolve and to comment. It must indeed times have given deep feelings and to this you should also link in the separation and treat the partners fairly.

  1. Is there still a chance? For many separation conversation a wonderful new beginning has already become. Will you realize if this opportunity is for you &# 8211; if not, let your partner know clearly.
  2. put an end not by SMS, Skype, WhatsApp and Co.!
  3. Selects an appropriate time. If the future ex-partner has just one exam, a job interview or a similarly stressful situation going on, you should with your bad news, if possible, keep a little behind the mountain.
  4. Be honest! This often requires courage, but the should raise her.
  5. Do not make false promises: &# 8220; We remain friends&# 8221; or &# 8220; I still feel very much for you&# 8221; are phrases that you just better not say.
  6. No recriminations: In a relationship both make mistakes, you so premeditated, whether you want to bomb the other with accusations or want to rely on balance. The latter will give both a better feel.
  7. The categorical imperative: Treat the person as want to be treated in the reverse case also you.
  8. Chat your decision not predict all around, but ensures that your future ex-partner first gets the message from you.
  9. Puts an end and does not take you just so out of the affair. While it is becoming more modern, but it is bad for karma with security. Better to let them know via SMS.
  10. Selects the location wisely. He should allow a certain familiarity and a burst of tears. Therefore, the invitation to a coffee shop or restaurant really does not offer. is recommended, for example, a walk.
  11. Separation agencies are there, but please do not think about it, really take their services. When everything was still in order, you have the thing indeed gotten alone.
  12. If you already have a new partner in the wings, take its due consideration. You should inform honest about it, but you do not have you by that person as can pick up the conversation.

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