Fallout 4 – Wasteland Workshop: All Items Overview

With the DLC &# 8220; WasteLand Workshop&# 8221; Fallout 4 you get more than 200 new items such as walls or decorations. So that you embellished your many settlements and protects your settlers from the dangers of the Wasteland. In addition, you can with the DLC and additional objects build their own arena that compete against each other NPCs.

In addition to numerous other additional content for Fallout 4 mid-April 2016, the DLC released Wasteland Workshop. About 200 new items provide more variety in your settlements. Especially cages and platforms are among the new items that brings the DLC with it. Thus, you begin instance creatures if you want to tame them. We show you in this guide will wait what new items in the Wasteland Workshop DLC on you.

See here the official trailer for the DLC &# 8220; WasteLand Workshop&# 8221 ;:

32597Fallout 4 - Official Trailer for Wasteland WorkshopStart Photogallery(12 images)So these 11 games would have looked like 20 years ago

Fallout 4: All items of DLC &# 8220; WasteLand Workshop&# 8221; in the overview

Candles, campfires and other decoration in waiting Wasteland Workshop Fallout 4 on you. New concrete structures provide a safe arena from which can be guaranteed not to break NPC. Also, you can your settlement with trapdoors or snap traps safer. Do you need further Tips on settlement, a look at this guide also: settlements: increase morale, assign settlers and construction.

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Decorate your settlement with over 100 new objects for wasteland.Decorate your settlement with more than 200 new objects for wasteland.

Wasteland Workshop &# 8211; All Items: Decorations

Decorate your settlement Hunting trophies. You defeated her a Todeskralle, which is supposed to finally see everyone in the Commonwealth!

animal heads
Blähfliegenkopf2x pulp 2x 2x 1x Blähfliegendrüse Blähfliegenlarve
Bloodfly2x 2x wood Stoff2x bloodflies trunk 1x Empty blood bag
Katzenkopf2x 2x 2x pulp cat meat
Deathclaws head2x 2x 2x pulp deathclaws leather
dog head2x 2x 2x pulp meat breed dog
Wilder ghoul head2x 2x 1x pulp Skull
Radiant-head2x pulp 2x 1x 1x skull verstrahltes blood
Gorilla Head2x 2x 2x pulp Synthetic Gorilla meat
Mutant dog-head2x 2x 2x pulp mutant dog meat
Mirelurk Tong2x wood 1x 1x substance Mirelurk meat
Mirelurk Hunter head2x 2x wood material 2x Mirelurk meat
Mirelurk King head2x 2x wood material 3x Mirelurk meat
Mirelurk Queen pliers2x 2x wood material 2x Mirelurk Queen meat
Mongrel dog head2x 2x 2x pulp meat breed dog
RAD cockroach2x 2x wood material 2x RAD cockroaches meat
RAD-Scorpio2x 2x 2x pulp RAD Scorpion Meat 1x RAD Scorpion sting
Stechflügler2x 2x wood material 2x Stechflügler meat
Yao Guai-head2x 2x 2x pulp Yao Guai Meat 1x Yao Guai Leather
AMMO4x steel
ARMOR5x steel
CHEMS5x steel
CLOTHING8x steel
FOOD4x steel
GUNS4x steel
LOOT4x steel
MELEE5x steel
MODS4x steel
STORAGE7x steel
WEAPONS7x steel
0 &# 8211; 92x steel
A Z2x steel
. (Point)2x steel
!2x steel
?2x steel
: (Colon)2x steel
spaces2x steel
Other / Lighting
campfire1x 5x wood oil
candles1x 2x oil substance
Cat Bowl4x plastic
fire ton7x wood steel 1x 1x oil
oil lamp1x oil 1x 2x glass steel
street lamp1x oil 1x glass 6x steel
sconce1x oil 1x 2x steel material
Displays your enemies where Todeskralle related to the DLC Wasteland workshop.Displays your enemies where Todeskralle related to the DLC Wasteland workshop.

Wasteland Workshop &# 8211; All Items: cages and Arena items

On the cages, the main focus in the Wasteland DLC is. so catch creatures Raider or Gunner. The remaining Arena items it controls the behavior of the audience and the fighters.

small cages
cat cage6x steel 1x 2x copper soft-sided Mirelurk meatrequires energy
dog cage6x steel 1x 3x copper dog food in the canrequires energy
Mole Rat Cage6x steel 1x 4x copper RAD cockroaches meatrequires energy
Mutant dog cage6x steel 1x 2x copper Brahmin meatrequires energy
Medium cages
Wilder-Ghul cage10x steel 2x 4x copper mongrel dogs meatrequires energy
Gunner cage10x 500x steel bottle caps 2x copperrequires energy
Insect-cage10x steel 4x mole rat meat 2x copperrequires energy
Raider cage10x steel Jet 6x 2x copperrequires energy
Super mutant cage10x 5x steel Brahmin meat 2x copperrequires energy
large cages
Brahmin cage16x 4x steel blades grain 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
Deathclaws cage16x 4x steel Yao Guai meat 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
Mirelurk cage16x 4x steel Mirelurk egg 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
RAD Scorpion cage16x 4x steel Stechflügler meat 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
RAD Hirsch cage16x steel carrot 4x 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
Yao Guai cage16x 4x steel RAD deer meat 4x 4x copper gearsrequires energy
Arena Items
Arena platform (blue / red)4x 10x steel timberrequires settlers
Beta wave emitter5x copper aluminum 8x 4x crystal 3x circuits 5x Nuclear Material 2x rubberrequires energy and Perks Tierfreund (Rank 1) and WasteLand Wrangler (Rank 1); soothes NPCs
After-siren3x 12x copper steel 1x 2x rubber circuits 3x glassrequires energy, calms settlers, so they do not shoot at enemies in Arena

Wasteland Workshop &# 8211; All Items: Energy

Lights your settlement with stylish lamps. Neon signs also ensure decoration in your cities.

fusion reactor12x gears 10x screws 20x 25x copper aluminum 12x Nuclear Material crystal 8x 2x rubberrequires Perk Science (Rank 4), produces energy 200x
(3) streetlight2x glass 2x copper 20x steel1 requires energy
light boxes;1x glass 1x 1x copper steelrequires terminal
swinging light bulb1x glass 1x 2x copper steelrequires terminal
Decontamination bow4x 8x aluminum copper circuits 4x 6x fiberglass 5x rubberrequires 2 energy
Neon (various colors)
A &# 8211; Z1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
spaces1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
&# 8220;1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
-1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
!1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
?1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
0 &# 8211; 91x 2x glass steelrequires energy
Neon signs
OPEN1x 2x glass steelrequires energy
headlights &# 8211; wall1x 1x screws circuits 2x gears steel 6x 1x 2x oil Glassrequires 1 energy produced 2x Protection
trap6x 2x steel wood screws 4xopens as soon as someone steps on it.
Automatic snap case3x 5x screws aluminum timber 2x 2x spring 1x circuitsrequires energy produced 1x protection
snap case3x 5x screws aluminum timber 2x 2x springproduced 1x protection
Saw blades trap2x 4x spring gears 2x circuits 10x 2x aluminum timberrequires energy produced 1x protection
barbed trap9x steel spring 3x 6x concrete 3x gearsproduced 1x protection

Wasteland Workshop &# 8211; All Items: Concrete / construction items

With the Wasteland DLC now Concrete items come into your settlement. Uses, for example, to fence in your arena so that no Todeskralle can run into your audience.

baseplate2x 4x steel concrete
baseplate8x steel
Concrete foundation8x 4x steel concrete
increased base plate4x 6x steel concrete
round base plate4x steel
small floor plate4x steel
triangular base plate4x 6x steel timber
Concrete wall8x concrete
Concrete wall &# 8211; passage6x concrete
Concrete wall (2)6x 4x concrete steel
Concrete wall (semi)6x concrete
Concrete wall (pillar)4x concrete
Concrete wall &# 8211; bevelled8x concrete
Concrete wall &# 8211; slanted passage6x concrete
Concrete wall &# 8211; Curve8x concrete
Roof (2)4x 6x steel concrete
Concrete stairs8x concrete steel 6x
Concrete steps (short)4x 4x concrete steel
railing6x steel
(3) railings4x steel

Wasteland Workshop &# 8211; All Items: resources and doors

Two new doors and two new resource items are included in the DLC. So you can now build beds or place an automatic sliding door in your settlement.

powered water pump4x Öl2x Keramik8x Gummi4x Kupfer15x steel screws 4xrequires 4x energy produced 10x water must be placed on dirt
bed4x Holz1x fertilizer
automatic sliding door8x Holz4x Stahl2x copper1x needed energy
(3) A power door2x Stahl2x concrete Kupfer6x1x needed energy

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