WhatsApp for iPhone: Perform backup with iCloud

With a backup using iCloud, you can back up your WhatsApp chat history and restore if you need to reinstall WhatsApp or iPhone was defective. That's how it's done:

WhatsApp for iPhone: Perform backup with iCloud

A backup is generally important - it does not always fall into the water or stolen iPhone. Maybe WhatsApp is not running times simple or the operating system iOS 7 needs to be set up again. Well if you have then stored the data. The cloud service from Apple (see: What is iCloud?) Gives us the space. Thus, we can create a Perform backup of WhatsApp on iPhone and a repaired (or even a new) iPhone restore the previous chat history.

WhatsApp backup with iCloud

The options for the backup of WhatsApp can be found in the app under Settings -> IM settings -> Chat Backup -> automatic backup. Here you may use these settings for the frequency of backups choose: Off / Daily / Weekly / Monthly. In addition, you can create backup now with the button a backup manually to launch. WhatsApp for iPhone: Perform backup with iCloud If an error message may be that WhatsApp can not store data in iCloud. Go for this in the system settings of the iPhone -> iCloud -> Documents and data and turn on WhatsApp. Attention: The synchronization of the data naturally consumes data traffic. To avoid unnecessary stress to the wireless service plan through the WhatsApp backup, you can in the iPhone Einstelliungen -> iCloud -> disable use data documents and data down Mobile. iCloud that saves the data then only in the WLAN through. Unfortunately, the iCloud setting applies to all applications, not just for WhatsApp.

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Backup of WhatsApp for iPhone without Cloud

But even without iCloud you have a backup of WhatsApp - if you connect your iPhone now and then on the computer and are performing an automatic or manual backup in iTunes. WhatsApp for iPhone: Perform backup with iCloud If you switch to a new iPhone, for example, the backup of an old smartphones play on. For this, you usually get for installation on the new iPhone to the computer. iTunes will ask you when ordering, if you want to use the Smarthpone as a new device or want to play a backup - choose the latter. Thus, your new iPhone is like fitted the old - including WhatsApp, including chat history. However, the entire status of the iPhone is activated at the time of the backup with this solution, not only of WhatsApp.

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