Windows: An Elvish font install and use

The Elvish font from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings fascinated many fans not only since the filming. Their elegant swing, how to, inter alia him knows from the ring, we can now use on the PC. so goes&# 8217; s.

Windows: An Elvish font install and use

maybe I wanted to start by saying that the Elvish font not easy 1: 1 meets our letters. Some characters there is not in Elvish, but the language has other symbols that we do not know in our language. J.R.R. Tolkien actually became his books several fictitious languages ​​and designed them through completely. They contain characters, a grammar and he also paid attention to the sound of languages. So the Elvish writing is not just a marketing gimmick of a film company.

install the Elvish font

There is not the Elvish font or the Elvish language. Tolkien created more than 10 different languages ​​Elbe with its own typeface. But is very common as Elvish writing the Tengwar. To install this language n should first of all download the TrueType font Tengwar Parmaite and install it. The package includes two different fonts, as well as an English-language documentation from the manufacturer of your fonts in PDF form. After unpacking, we can install the fonts:

  • Double-clicking on Parmaite.TTF starts the Windows font display and is an example of the font
  • Upstairs there are two buttons. We can print the font, or install it.
  • Once installed, the font is everywhere available where you can use fonts. Now you should proceed with the font Parmaite_alt.TTF same. It provides alternative symbols.
  • The documentation includes, inter alia parmaite.pdf a keyboard layout
Of course, the Elvish font also has its own punctuationOf course, the Elvish font also has its own punctuation

using the Elvish font

Tolkien's Elvish font is an invention. It contains in this case numbers and all letters that are in the Elvish alphabet that font. However, these signs mean something different than ours and therefore the Elvish font does not use all the letters of our keyboard.

The Elvish font Tengwar has its own character assignmentThe Elvish font Tengwar has its own character assignment

It is completely pointless, simply switch to the Elvish script and loszutippen. Of course, the Elvish characters appear, but the words arise strictly speaking no sense. So you have to deal with the Elvish language. They learn and understand before you can write it. For it is indeed a true, complete language and therefore it is as if we would learn Russian. Since there are also a completely different font, but you can read and write only if you know what you're doing. A first start is perhaps an introduction to Elvish by Gernot Katzer, which gradually brings us to the language and script with many comments and replies.


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